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Dueling e-mails on Social Security Reform

The Social Security debate is heating up.

WILLisms.com has received dueling emails on the issue.

First, the bad guys-

The AFL-CIO, "Working Families e-Activist network"-

Our friends at the AFL-CIO tell us:

"Schwab’s corporate philosophy description says its goal is to offer individual investors 'useful, ethical services at a fair price.' The most ethical service Schwab could provide for working families is to withdraw support for privatizing Social Security.

We need your help to urge Charles Schwab, which stands to gain millions from President George W. Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security, to:

* Disclose its support for groups pushing Social Security privatization.
* Disclose what it has communicated to public officials in private meetings about Social Security.
* And withdraw all support for privatizing Social Security.

Take action now. Please tell Charles Schwab: Don’t support Social Security privatization."

The email then tells us that "Social Security is America’s best-run, most successful family insurance program."

It ends, hilariously enough, like this:

"In solidarity,

Working Families e-Activist Network
Jan. 27, 2005"

The AFL-CIO becomes a caricature of itself when it sends e-mails like this. For the AFL-CIO, government reform creating positive externalities that may benefit a private interest, this time Charles Schwab, is reason enough to oppose the reform. For a corporation to benefit, according to the unions, it must assuredly be at the expense of the working class. If a business expands, even indirectly, as a result of government action, according to the unions, it must mean there is a nefarious conflict of interest. Privatization is always inimical to the goals of government collectivization. This irritates unions.


At their core, unions are anti-market, many times flirting with outright socialism. This is a good example.

The next message comes from the DNC-

In its entirety, with commentary along the way:

"Dear Republican,

George W. Bush is leading the charge when it comes to the Republicans' all-out effort to dismantle Social Security. Next Wednesday, February 2, is a critical day for him: the first State of the Union address of his second term. He's planning on using his State of the Union speech as a powerful launching pad for his Social Security scare campaign. But we've got some plans of our own."


-WILLisms.com: "Oh, yes, we've got plans. We've got plans, all right. [EVIL LAUGH]"

DNC: "Today, the Democratic National Committee is launching a 'Million Dollars in Seven Days' Social Security campaign. We'll use those funds as the seed money for the most extensive, far-reaching, and effective grassroots issues campaign America has ever seen."

-WILLisms.com: Using the 2004 election as a guide, Democrats are not very good at grassroots, particularly when they have to go up against the Bush grassroots juggernaut.

DNC: "This week we have two key tasks. First, we need your help to launch our campaign with your donation today:


Second, we'll be distributing a 'Watch Bush Mislead' fact sheet across the nation prior to the Bush's State of the Union Speech, and we'll need your help to spread the word. Keep an eye on your email in box for your copy."

-WILLisms.com: Since when do Democrats favor preemptive strikes?

DNC: "President Bush knows that on February 2, he has an opportunity to shape the 2005 debate in favor of his reckless, radical Social Security plan. We can't let him get away with it. He will use the State of the Union speech to distort the facts about the current state of Social Security and to hide the disastrous consequences of his plan to dismantle this bedrock program that has kept generations of seniors out of poverty"

-WILLisms.com: Again, Democrats are more interested in flailing wildly and defaming the President than in having a real policy discussion. They are preemptively attacking the President's State of the Union address.

DNC: "Republicans want a vote within six months to break Social Security's fundamental guarantee, partially privatize the system, and turn it from an unbreakable promise into a stock market gamble. Bush's radical plan will add a trillion dollars to the already bulging Bush deficit."

-WILLisms.com: Fear of, and contempt for, free markets, and personal ownership therein, is not a very attractive quality in a political party.

Slot machines are gambling. Poker is gambling. The stock market, over any 30-year period during the 20th century, through depressions and recessions, through wars and disasters, always went up. Owning stocks and bonds is an investment in the American economy.

Gambling is gambling.

Doing nothing to reform Social Security is gambling.

Creating personal retirement accounts is common sense.

DNC: "We're going to make sure that, before they hear the President's words on February 2, the American people know the truth. It's a critical first step in sapping the strength from Bush's effort to use the power of the Presidency to break the back of Social Security."

-WILLisms.com: The "sapping the strength" rhetoric is interesting. At least they indicate an understanding that the President is popular and effective.

DNC: "We're counting on your active participation and your strong financial support.


-WILLisms.com: Why anyone would contribute money to such a proven loser, the DNC, is entirely mysterious. Doing the same thing again and again, but expecting different results, is supposedly a sign of insanity; contributing to the DNC after its dismal showing in 2002 and 2004 does not seem like a rational action.

DNC: "Together, we're going to stop Bush cold when he tries to mislead the American people about Social Security next week. And for anyone who votes to dismantle Social Security in 2005, we're going to stop them cold on Election Day in 2006."

-WILLisms.com: Is this a boxing match?

DNC: "Winning this struggle over the future of Social Security is essential. We've got to demonstrate our determination and our grassroots power right out of the box in 2005. Otherwise, Bush and the Republicans will try to roll over us on one issue after another for four long years."

-WILLisms.com: Bush and the Republicans are the majority party, so they are pretty much going to roll over the Democrats on everything in the near future. That is how democracies work. The winners get to govern.

DNC: "We will never let that happen."

-WILLisms.com: Unless you are contemplating a coup, yes you will.

DNC: "Let's set the tone right now in the seven days leading up to the President's State of the Union Address."

-WILLisms.com: A tone of bitterness, of hyperbole, of anger, and of anti-reform obstructionism? That one does not seem like much of a winner. This line is a good example of the modus operandi of Democrats during the past few years.

First, they say that Bush promised to change the tone in Washington, that he promised to be a uniter not a divider. Then they make the tone as bad as possible. Finally, they point at Bush and say he didn't live up to his promise.

DNC: "Thank you for adding your energy and passion to this critical initiative.


Doug, Eric, Jesse, Nancy, Morra, and Josh
The DNC Internet Team"

WILLisms.com: So, the gist of the letter is essentially, "we hate Bush, we hate reform, Social Security is perfectly fine now, give us money."

Also included is a graphic on the side:

DNC: "Stop Bush Cold

On February 2, Bush will try to mislead the American people on Social Security. But with your help, we will spread the truth with our 'Watch Bush Mislead' fact sheet."

WILLisms.com looks forward to reading "the truth" as the DNC sees it.

DNC: "Act now to help sap the strength from Bush's effort to use the power of the presidency to break the back of Social Security."


-WILLisms.com: If only Democrats had some kryptonite, they might be able to "sap the strength" of the President.

Now, the good guys-

The George W. Bush Store now has merchandise related to Social Security reform. T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, yard signs. Everything you need to express your support for Social Security reform.

No, really.

Here are some examples (you can click on image to purchase the item at the George W. Bush Store):




The George W. Bush store comments, in its e-mail, on why it now offers Social Security reform merchandise:

"Spalding Group’s goal is to provide materials that enable individuals to visibly advocate support of President Bush and one of his top priorities in his second term in office, strengthening Social Security.

'It is impossible to create a political movement without materials that allow people to publicly identify with the issue,' said Ted Jackson, founder and President of Spalding Group. 'It is tempting to trivialize the impact and importance of these items, however our experience is that people want to be heard and want to show their support for this President.'"

Let the games begin. May the best reform win.


If you are a merchandise person, you might also check out the WILLisms.com gift shop, where you can buy gear that promotes the Bush-led free market revolution:


Posted by Will Franklin · 27 January 2005 05:15 PM