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Rounding Third Base, Heading for Second

A preacher had great advice for me once, and it has never really left me. He told me that so many people get in trouble because they are so anxious to get to their goals, to round the bases, that they forget the order in which things must occur. It's like running to third base first. So many problems can be traced to folks just not putting first things first: credit card debt, children out of wedlock, high school dropouts. These indivduals create vaste societial problems, but it can usually be traced back to the cycle of poverty created by underachiving schools and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, which completely destroyed the inner-city family.

However, what happens when the government runs to third base first? What happens when the federal government puts the cart before the horse? Social Security is what happens. The government has been promising so much to so many, with money from so few, in a plan that just doesn't work. Instead of doing the hard work, like making education work, pushing pro-family policies, and creating an enviroment in which market forces and intelligence allows individuals to account for their own retirements. These would be hard endeavors to undertake, but they would be the only ones that would truly work. Instead of even trying, the government accepted failure at the outset, thereby betraying the American spirit. The officials and bureaucrats in Washington wanted to take credit for the results, but were unable or unwilling to take on the risk and the work.

Now we are saddled with a dying system, and once again, many are opposed the hard work we are faced with, many want all the credit, but none of the work.

Posted by · 7 March 2005 10:46 AM