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The Not-So Supreme Court

Woke up this morning, went to check my email, and the most startling headline appeared on MSN.com. Apparently the death penalty for those under 18 had been abolished.

Now this was shocking to me because I am a political junkie, I follow congress and what is up for consideration, and I knew beyond a doubt that no bill was on the docket regarding the death penalty. Just to expound upon that, had there been a bill regarding the death penalty, it would have made it more sweeping and made more criminals eligible.

So how did this happen? How did the people speak on this issue and I miss all the warning signs? Simple, the people didn't speak; five people spoke, and changed the judicial process in 19 states. My issue here is not with the death penalty, although I do support it and feel that it is not used nearly enough, and should be an option for more than just murder cases. That having been said though, if the people of those 19 states had voted, or voted for representatives acting on their behalf, who decided against the death penalty for minors, I would have no problem with the process, because that is our constitutional process.

The Supreme Court cannot, and should not legislate from the bench, and their current acts are nothing short of bullying. In one act, the court swept aside standing legislation in 19 states. I wish this weren't as common as it is, but this happens all the time, and with each judicial travesty, the idea of state's rights is buried a little further. I have no idea why this case even made its way to the Supreme Court, unless it was just a ruse to start chipping away at the death penalty.

A few hours after the decision, the implications started dawning upon the talking heads on TV and radio. Apparently, minors are capable of heinous crimes that are deserving of the ultimate penalty. Lee Malvo, one of the DC Snipers instantly came to mind. Virginia and Louisiana prosecutors immediately suspended all the preparation work they had been doing to get ready for the death penalty case against Malvo, leaving it to Maryland, where they have no death penalty at all, to try him. They are suspending their cases in hopes that the decision will be reversed, and a monster like Malvo can meet his maker.

Hannity ran through a few cases of terrible, terrible crimes perpetrated by minors, which I don't need to rehash, because we can all agree that awful crimes can be committed by minors. Here’s the point at issue, are minors aware of the affects of their actions? Perhaps with some things, like speeding or poor study habits, no, they may not be. However, when it comes to pulling a trigger and ending someone's life, raping a woman, stabbing someone, I'm just not sure how you could not be aware of the effects of your actions, and any teenager that is capable of those crimes and not able to see the affects, well, they either need to be in an institution or no longer among the living.

Just don't tell the supreme court that though, they might make it illegal for state legislatures to pass a law, or maybe they will finally be honest and just get rid of the whole idea of "states." A state is more than just different rates of sales tax and license plates...or at least, that’s how it used to be.

Posted by · 1 March 2005 03:14 PM