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Deaniac Attack!


The Pew Research Center (via Prof Bainbridge) has some interesting findings about Howard Dean supporters, including this demographic breakdown of Deaniacs:

...Dean activists are far wealthier, better educated, more secular and much less ethnically diverse than other Democrats. A disproportionate number of Dean activists are white, well-educated Baby Boomers.


Only a fifth of Dean activists believe America's foreign policy ought to be based mostly on U.S. interests. That is a very telling number.

More on the Deaniacs:

...the Dean activists are highly internet-savvy; more than three-quarters (77%) said they go online several times per day and 83% have been using the internet for more than five years.

In other words, the Deaniacs and the left hemisphere of the blogosphere are one in the same. Ever wonder why some of those left-wing bloggers are so angry? Look no further than their "spiritual" leader, Howard Dean. Indeed, king of left-wing blogs Daily Kos deserves some credit for Howard Dean's ascension as DNC Chair.


Practically required viewing for Deaniacs under 30, notice that nearly a third of Deaniacs watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, about ten times the level of the general public.

One telling piece of information is this:

Nine-in-ten Dean activists blame Dean's loss in the primaries on "negative news coverage." Many also pointed to perceptions that Dean was not electable (73%). While a third blamed Dean's campaign performance, just 19% pointed to Dean's policy stances as a reason he lost.

In other words, the Deaniacs do not realize how out of touch, how far removed from the mainstream, they are. Less than a fifth are willing to admit that Howard Dean lost because he was too hostile toward, and cynical about, the exercise of American power, too out-of-touch on social and cultural issues, and otherwise too far left-wing. Much like the liberal blogosphere, which tends to believe it represents the true mainstream of the country, the Deaniacs cannot comprehend that they are the ones with the fringe ideology.

More interesting data:

This graphic indicates clearly that Dean's coalition was comprised of aging hippies and socially liberal young people.

While the Dean campaign drew an amalgam of 1960s liberals and 21st century progressives, there are intriguing generational differences on the war and social issues. Those under age 30 tend to be much more supportive of gay rights, with 71% strongly favoring legalizing gay marriage (compared with 46% among those 50 and older). They also are much more apt to mention gay and lesbian issues as a key reason they joined the campaign (21% vs. 4%).

Looking ahead to 2008, it seems clear that Democrats are far more likely to splinter than Republicans:

In September, still feeling frustrated with Dean's fall from grace, 65% of Dean activists supported the idea of a third party. That number fell somewhat, to 57% in November, still a large figure.

Deaniacs reluctantly put up with Kerry in 2004, but moving forward they want their nominee and their party to reflect their far-left values. In 2008, there will be no "anybody but Bush" effect, which was the glue that held together the Democrats in 2004. Democrats seeking the nomination may have a tough time meeting the requirements of the increasingly organized and influential Deaniacs (Dean is now the leader of his party, after all) without appearing too liberal and losing the support of moderates in the general election.

Posted by Will Franklin · 8 April 2005 05:50 AM


Once again, WILLisms.com has answered questions for me! After yesterday when I ventured into the world of Liberal Blog, I was concerned about the anger and extreme hatred expressed for anything GOP! It concerned me because, they seemed to careless about the real issues. Their joy came from basking in self centered political pride! The very idea of the real issues seemed to evaporate and disappear from mind! I thought politics was really about what is important for everyone? Justice for all. Freedom and standing up for what is the right thing to do? Anger and hostile emotional BS needs to be avoided, If this country intends to continue being the greatest country on earth! Being full of such venom is very unattractive and really doesn't get any of us anywhere! Disagree?

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at April 8, 2005 08:42 AM

As an aging boomer, I can sadly attest that many in my generation were sold a bill of goods in the '60s and lived a wanna-be hippie existence for as long as they could (as long as funding from mom and pops or the trust fund held out) until they were forced into responsibility. Like the pitiful Michael Jackson, they don't want to grow up. It is difficult to admit to oneself that everything you believed in and professed to during the halcyon days of youth is not just wrong but diametrically so. So Dean gives this aging age cohort hope that their ideas live on.

I can't speak for the young ones who are pro-Dean, I was hoping the coming generations would be smarter than to fall for such a con man.

Posted by: bill at April 8, 2005 08:58 AM

I think Howard Dean is a creep! I really don't see his appeal! He is such a loud mouth! Very unattractive!

Posted by: Claire at April 8, 2005 02:49 PM