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Tribute To Pope John Paul II, Through Time Magazine Covers.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes an old magazine cover is worth 10,000.

Click images for larger versions, from Time's website:

October 30, 1978:

June 18, 1979:

May 25, 1981:

January 9, 1984:

February 24, 1992:

December 26, 1994:

Bainbridge thinks, for John Paul II, such an advocate of freedom, Man of the Century would have been more fitting:

Stalin famously asked how many divisions the pope had. This Pope needed no divisions. Yet, with help from people like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, he helped liberate Eastern Europe from the Soviets and bring about a detente that ease the threat of nuclear obliteration under which people of my age spent most of their life.

Captain's Quarters also has a nice tribute:

The Communist oppression under which the new Pope had lived created a love of liberty and justice in the amazingly vital John Paul. He survived an assassin's bullet in what seemed to be a season of miracles; Ronald Reagan had barely survived a similar attack just weeks earlier. Both men would emerge as strong as ever, and together they would apply the pressures needed to destroy the communist nightmare of Eastern Europe and free millions who lived behind the Iron Curtain.

John Paul II commanded no armies and had no weapons on hand except for his love of God and compassion for humanity.

Indeed, as a non-Catholic, it is still quite easy to admire the amazing life of Pope John Paul II. We're truly witnessing the end of an era characterized by the greatest spread of freedom the world has ever seen, championed by giants like Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, passing home to God.

In their wake, they leave a new era of hope in the world. John Paul II's legacy cannot be overstated.

God Bless the Pope.


The Pope has officially passed away.


Powerline (via Michelle Malkin) has this interesting scoop on the New York Times' goof.

Also, more on the papal conclave, the process for choosing a new Pope, is here.

Posted by Will Franklin · 2 April 2005 07:54 AM


This Pope is loved by more people around the world. He spiritually connected with people of all faiths. His legacy will be that of hope for all people...This pope was a truly good man. In order to be sainted someone must play the devils advocated. I believe the devil himself will be hard pressed to find much bad to say about this Pope...GOD BLESS YOU POPE! Thank you for showing the world the true message of Jesus Christ...LOVE,HOPE, and KINDNESS TO ONE ANOTHER...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at April 2, 2005 09:10 AM

IL PAPA [Michael Ledeen]
We were in Rome when John Paul II was elected Pope, and, like most people, I didn't know much about him. Most of the commentary at that time described the Conclave's decision in political terms, and Karol Wojtyla was said to be a "detente Pope," a gesture of peace toward the Soviets.

I went over to Communist Party headquarters in Via delle Botteghe Oscure to ask them what they thought of it, and one of the real hardline Stalinists put it nicely: "well," he said, "at least our Polish comrades won't have him around to (and here he used a colorful Roman phrase that roughly means 'give them a hard time.').

The Communist knew what he was talking about, and the scribblers and kibbitzers didn't. For Catholics, John Paul II will obviously be an inspiration for generations, and even those of us who do not share his faith have been ennobled and inspired by much of what he said and did. But for the entire world, he will forever stand as a symbol of the power of individuals standing firm for freedom. "Be Not Afraid" is indeed the phrase we will associate with him, as it was the phrase that inspired millions of people to risk all against tyranny.

I had the good fortune to be a sort of informal ambassador to the Vatican when I worked for Secretary of State Haig, in the early 1980s, and I met several times with the Pope's personal secretaries, one Polish the other African. Contrary to the nonsensical accounts of various imaginative journalists, these conversations had nothing to do with covert action, but everything to do with a mutual search for understanding world events. John Paul's closest associates were at once brilliant, patient and constantly inquiring. They even had moments of dry humor, as when one of them asked me, "Ledeen, how can it be that in all the world, only the CIA does not know who tried to kill the Holy Father?" HoHO.

John Paul II was a towering figure at a time when the world abounded in great men and women: Reagan, Thatcher, Juan Carlos, Deng Xiaoping, Walesa, Havel, Solzhenitsyn and Bukovsky and Sharansky, Nakasone etc. He had many things to do, and he accomplished most of his mission.

It's the mark of a world historical figure that we see him shaping great events, rather than simply "being there" when big things happen. Such was John Paul II, and all of us will feel diminished at his passing.

Posted at NRO's THE CORNER at 09:35 AM

Posted by: reliapundit at April 2, 2005 09:13 AM

Pope John Paul II helped accomplish such good! The abortionists and anyone who disagreed with him would probably have to admit that they couldn't help but like the man... He simply represents kindness,goodness, patience which I would define as Love! He seemed to have quite an approachableness to him. His love of being among the people was cut off by his assasination attempt. God Bless Pope John Paul II .

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at April 2, 2005 01:14 PM