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May 28, 2008 11:12 PM

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June 9, 2008 12:25 PM



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Social Security Reform Thursday.
March 13, 2008

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Due: July 29, 2008

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Mar. 14, 2006

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Apr. 4, 2008

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A WILLisms.com(ic), by Ken McCracken
July 14, 2006


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Some Call It A Bonfire/Carnival Of Classiness...

We call it "Classiness, All Around Us."

Click to explore more WILLisms.com.

In no particular order, WILLisms.com presents classiness from the blogosphere (now with 50% more classy!):



From: Riding Sun blog (via Wizbang).

Arthur Chrenkoff (via Ed Driscoll) offers this highly rewarding paragraph:

If the rest of the world are indeed Blue States, then our media and creative elites feel far more at home overseas than they do back in America which is much more split between the Blue and Red States, and where, regardless on specific political affiliations, the majority of people have generally positive feelings about their own country. Not only is it a matter of the staff at "Newsweek" and other major outlets having pretty much the same attitude towards America as do people in Berlin or Bangladesh, but trashing your own country actually serves a useful purpose of ingratiating and legitimizing yourself to your overseas audience - put the American flag in a rubbish bin, sneer at the swaggering Texan cowboy, and bemoan the Iraqi quagmire or the failure to ratify the Kyoto agreement and you can instantly show yourself to be a different, "good" American, more sophisticated and in-tune than the yokels back home. The foreigner are bound to think you're wonderful and reward you with recognition and applause - what comedian Martin Short once called getting the "French ego juice."



Dean's World points out how Barbie has helped the poor get richer in the developing world.



Adam Doverspike, at the Social Security Choice blog, explains how President Bush is actively courting the youth vote through his Social Security reform initiative.



Reasoned Audacity thoroughly debunks Howard Dean's repeated claims that the number of abortions under the Bush administration has gone up 25%.


Michelle Malkin has more on Dean's recycled abortion lie.

And, yet, Howard Dean makes this same erroneous assertion just about any time the abortion issue comes up.



Political Calculations looks at the link between income potential and education.

How much is your education worth?



Joust The Facts blog, along with Patterico's Pontifications, examine the disturbing double-standard in the elite media regarding Rick Santorum's idiotic recent "Hitler" reference. Was it really a "new low," as The New York Times described it?



Asymmetrical Information blog (via Right Wing News) looks at the perpetual crisis known as Zimbabwe:

It is depressing to look back at history and see how regularly the same nice-sounding idea--"let's take the land from the rich people who unjustly own it and give it to those who need it"--turns into tragedy for everyone. It's even more depressing to realise that despite the seeming predictibility of the result, lots of people want to do it anyway.



Fishkite blog examines on a few statements made by the ever-hilarious John Kerry. It's almost too easy.



Babalu Blog is blogging on Cuba Nostalgia (via Publius Pundit).



Protein Wisdom blog examines the concept of blogger outrage against the "mainstream media," warning bloggers to keep the outrage proportional:

Railing against (and rectifying by way of our own postings) the unbalanced coverage of the mainstream press as a corrective to its often disingenuous presentation of larger narratives is a worthy pursuit. But doing so in such a way that our own rhetoric begins to show trappings of the same shabby ploys so frequently relied upon by liberal advocates in the media to further their own pre-conceived narratives, is the real recipe for disaster—in that it is certain to undercut the progress made by the alternative media in its fight to level the informational playing field.



Betsy's Page looks at the importance of passing CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreegment, something that has been largely drowned out by other news.



Daly Thoughts explains that German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, and his party, don't look so hot heading into an election later this year.

Blogs for Bush adds:

There is justice in this world and Schroeder is reaping the whirlwind of maintaining a "red/green" political coalition which prevents German economic advancement (unemployment in North Rhine-Westphalia is 12.1%, for Germany as a whole, 12%); meanwhile, keeping this coaltion going also required over anti-Americanism which made Germany a lapdog of Chirac's France. Let us hope that Schroeder gets wiped out in the upcoming national elections.



Daniel Drezner looks at the upcoming (soon) French referendum on the European Union Constitution:


It's down to the wire. It is hard to imagine the French will actually reject it, but, at this point, that course of action is not only possible, it is highly probable.



Captain's Quarters blog has a fantastic series of posts on "the deal" reached in the Senate over judicial nominees:

"Deconstructing The Deal"

"Two Editorials, Two Directions, And A Significant Abstention"

"Welcome To Versailles, Circa 1921"

It is rather ironic that Senate Republicans, for all of their healthy aversion to appeasement in international relations, essentially made a deal with Democrats based precisely on that disgraceful principle.



PoliBlog looks at George Galloway:

For the people cheering on Galloway and his performance: is this really someone that you want to align yourselves with? What am I missing?

Exactly. Yet, the American left rooted for Galloway on his recent trip to Washington, because he said the kinds of things they wish their party leaders would say.


Also, don't forget to check out all the old Trivia Tidbits Of the Day, the Reform Thursday series, the Quotational Therapy sessions, and the Wednesday Caption Contest (entries are due each Tuesday at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time).

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Posted by Will Franklin · 24 May 2005 12:52 PM


Senator Robert Byrd needs to go on home now! He seems to have a few screws loose! Bless his little racist heart! How does he get off comparing the GOP to Hitler? What a bird brain! He is getting kind of old. I hope he comes to his senses soon! Whatever main stream he is swimming in! I don't want to be anywhere near it! What ever happened to that statue he errected of himself?

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at May 25, 2005 09:03 PM

Howard Dean and Democratic party confuse fact with fiction!

Posted by: Kang cho at May 30, 2005 02:58 PM