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July 14, 2006


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Some Call It A Bonfire/Carnival Of Classiness...

We call it "Classiness, All Around Us."

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In no particular order, WILLisms.com presents classiness from the blogosphere (now with 50% more classy!):


Ilario Pantano-


Pardon My English blogs notes that murder charges were finally dropped against U.S. Marine Lt. Ilario Pantano, the Gulf War veteran and Wall Street trader who rejoined the force after 9/11.

Red State Rant adds:

It not only reaffirms my faith, but hopefully that of our Warriors out there right now doing the fighting.

Ace of Spades HQ has more on the media's role in Pantano situation.


The liberal bias of CBS-


Captain's Quarters blog examines how CBS blatantly rigged its own poll to fit its narrative that Bush is out of touch with the American people.

PoliPundit has more on this should-be scandal:

Given Bush’s continued strong support among Republicans, which is his base, and given the recent evidence of strong political activism for Republicans (remember the high turnout in 2004?), any claim to mediocre or failing support must be regarded as suspect, especially where the demographics have been concealed or are known to be manipulated. This point should be kept in mind, when press releases from partisan sources show up.

The elite media still get away with this kind of treachery because so few people understand the science and art of polling. Polling methods are kept intentionally nebulous to keep the data vague and cryptic enough for use with just about whatever story the media want to tell.


The economy's marked improvement-


Daly Thoughts points out how state governments are once again flush with tax revenues, yet another indicator of a strengthening economy:

Ladies and gentlemen, the economy is starting to boom. Those expecting 2006 to be a repeat of 1994 are going to have to factor that into their calculus.

And, yet, many Americans today still tell pollsters they believe we're in a recession. That perception really has to turn around, or it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.


Gorgeous George Galloway-


The Jawa Report examines the connection between George Galloway and Saddam Hussein, explaining that the Oil-For-Food money was likely a reward for anti-American ideology, rather than a bribe:

The ideology of the left divides the world into two groups: the powerful and the weak. It is the forgotten legacy of Marx that he rejected notions of good and evil in favor of a morality of power.

The left is unable to make any other moral distinction. Therefore Iraq is good because it is weak and the US/UK are bad because they are strong. Further, any position taken by any powerful country is seen as bad when such position pits weak countries against the strong.

The left around the world hates America because of her strength. America is bad, mmmmkay, because it is strong.

Which is worse, taking a bribe to support the Ba'athists, or supporting the Ba'athists because your worldview is already that warped to begin with?


Anonymous sources in journalism-


The neo-neocon blog traces the prolific use of anonymous sources by the media back to Watergate; it was perfected by Seymour Hersch.

Dean's World takes a look at "Journalistic Sickness," noting:

The press grabbed a collective halo for itself in the Watergate years. They didn't deserve one--Woodward and Bernstein deserved one maybe, but even they had the good sense to be embarrassed and uncomfortable with some of their own methods. The rest of the press shamelessly spent the next three decades trying to ride those coattails, and made themselves look worse and worse and worse all the time. The chickens have come home to roost: these people are despised for a reason, and it's not because some "right wing attack machine" is being mean to them.




By Dawn's Early Light blog examines how "Rising Nationalism Will be China's Undoing," explaining:

China's recent moves, including the threatening of "non-peaceful means" to reunify Taiwan, can only be seen with a sense of wariness in Tokyo, New Delhi, Canberra and Seoul. All of these democratic nations can afford and are expanding their military capabilities. China would be well advised to walk with a softer footprint.

The question then is "Why is China making poor long-term diplomatic choices?" The answer I believe is to keep domestic pressure away from the current government and focused elsewhere.


France's red states-


Powerline blog looks at France's red states and blue states:

The destiny of any country that names elementary schools after Karl Marx was sealed long ago.

Patrick Ruffini, meanwhile, elaborates with a better map.


Schapelle Corby-


Coming Anarchy blog looks at the coming ramifications of Australian Schapelle Corby's likely bogus conviction and 20-year sentence in Indonesia:

...boycotts of Indonesia as a tourism destination could be devastating coming on top of an already existing decline in visitor numbers brought on by terrorism and the recent tsunami disaster.


Sharpies, Purell, and Altoids-


Ever wonder what the President's personal assistant carries around with him at all times? Ann Althouse has the answer.


European clout in the world-


ChicagoBoyz blog looks at the interconnectedness of peacekeeping, force projection, and geopolitical strength:

Military historians and economists alike adhere to the theory that any great power must be able to protect their interests if they are to retain their status in the world. With today’s environment of globalization and the exploitation of foreign markets, this means that they will have to project force. Any other policy is a course towards decline and inevitable insignificance.

Old Europe, are you paying attention?


John Bolton-


The Belgravia Dispatch examines the fight over John Bolton, offering:

...the problem that occurs when a blog becomes a monomaniacal crusade is that you can get a little (or a lot) carried away....

Again, please, perspective. Bolton is not the devil incarnate. He won't bring the wrecking ball to the international system. Or to the United Nations. And there is no plot to dismantle said world body cooked up between neo-Straussians and neo-primitives. Trust me, it will be O.K.

It is fascinating to watch how much political capital the left has been spending to demonize John Bolton, particularly when put into the context of the 2004 American election and Kerry's infamous "global test" comment. Do Democrats not believe in democracy? Do they really not believe that elections matter?

And, finally, what's the deal with Senate Democrats playing the separation of powers (Congress and the President are co-equal branches) card on this issue, with regard to classified documents? As a true believer in strong separation of powers, it's frustrating to see the minority party frame each and every issue in separation of powers terms, as if they speak for the entire Congress-- and get away with it in the elite media.


Danica Patrick-


Outside The Beltway notes the bizarre lapse in logic of a certain NASCAR driver who claims Danica Patrick has an unfair advantage because of her small size. Wizbang agrees that Robby Gordon is an idiot:

Maturity is where Gordon is carrying less of a load than his competition.

Danica is part talent, part hype, but it's hard not to buy into the hype, whole-heartedly. Who knew FHM models could drive so well?


Mitt Romney-


No Left Turns examines the 2008 electoral chances for Mitt Romney, who happens to be a Mormon:

Romney’s political opponents have in the past reminded voters of the social conservatism of the LDS church. Would they do so again? Not likely in a Republican primary. In a general election, who knows?

If (and it's a huge "if") Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination, you can bet there will be a not-so-subtle anti-Mormon campaign from the left in the general election. Guaranteed. And the elite media will willingly help them out.




Patrick Ruffini comments on "Congress for Dummies," explaining:

The last four months, and especially the last four days, have been an object lesson in why those with no executive experience seldom make it to the White House.

A must-read piece for the hand-wringers.


Scandal in Tennessee-


Michelle Malkin notes the conspicuous and typical media double-standard in the listing of party affiliation next to the names of scandal-plagued politicians:

AP neglects to mention the party affiliation of Tennessee state senator John Ford, who resigned after being placed under house arrest in an FBI corruption sting. Hint: he ain't a Republican.

Exactly what the blogosphere is for, to keep tabs on the terminally biased left-wing media.


Also, don't forget to check out all the old Trivia Tidbits Of the Day, the Reform Thursday series, the Quotational Therapy sessions, and the Wednesday Caption Contest (entries are due each Tuesday at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time).

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Posted by Will Franklin · 31 May 2005 09:26 AM


It's about time charges were dropped for Lt.Pantano!

Posted by: Kang cho at May 31, 2005 02:04 PM

I am so pleased the charges of murder for the Marine Lt. Pantano were dropped finally! That was wrong if you ask me!

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at May 31, 2005 02:44 PM

Schapelle Corby getting twenty years is a crime... Weather she did it or not there is definately something wrong with that picture! Indonesia needs to rethink that!

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at May 31, 2005 02:48 PM

Patrick Ruffini has a must read today on Congress for Dummies! ...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at May 31, 2005 03:34 PM