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July 14, 2006


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Trivia Tidbit Of The Day: Part 55 -- Software Piracy.


First, the countries with the highest rates of computer software piracy:

Note that Venezuela, under Hugo Chavez, saw the greatest increase in piracy. Also notice what kind of regimes dominate the list of the top twenty worst countries for piracy.

The countries, meanwhile, with the lowest rates of computer software piracy:

United States, Australia, Western Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan, compared to the rest of the world:


Latin America clearly has the highest piracy rate of any region, even higher than Asia:
Click for larger version.

In terms of pure dollar losses, Europe faces the worst levels of piracy, followed by Asia and North America not far behind:

While the U.S. has a much lower software piracy rate than other countries, it still has by far the largest dollar amount of software piracy (which really just underscores the magnitude of the American economy):



2005 Piracy Study, Business Software Alliance (BSA) and International Data Corporation (IDC).

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Posted by Will Franklin · 23 May 2005 08:02 AM


Dear Willisms.com,
I sincerely regret to inform you that i did not post that comment on that web site. I admit that I am the one who posted the first comment but I have no responsibility for the second. I came across your web site when I was searching google for socialist images and I was linked to the article posted and I felt compelled to respond. I feel I stated my point diplomaticly and responsibly but I do regret the line "do you feel healthy" refering to health care. The second comment was posted by my 13 year old little brother. He saw me write the letter when I was using the computer and he flet compelled to respond. I completely agree that he stated his point with arogance and disrespect towards your website and political beliefs. I believe that there is too much seperation and disrespect from the people of left and right political beliefs and that more needs to be done to close the gap. We are all people seeking a better future and I strongly believe that no matter how seperated you may be, comprimises can be made. I have not shared this belief with my little brother nor have I filled him with socialist propaganda, ultimatly what I have not done is taught my little brother that disrespect and arogance is the best way to express an opinion. Please do not consider me a coward, when I wrote you my letter, I stated my full name and nation. However I am not giving my little brother's name to protect him, pardon me but I do not believe he deserves the hate I am recieving now. However he may have come across in that letter, he is not a biggot and is usualy respectful and polite, his only falut was his ignorance. I know there are some who will refuse to believe me but as a christian and and a believer in the human spirit, I ask you trust my word and respect me as I have respected you.


Joshua Fleming

Posted by: Joshua Fleming at May 23, 2005 07:25 PM

I've always been a little suspicious of the "dollars lost" calculations. The assumption appears to be that if pirated software were not available, every piece of pirated software now in existence would be purchased at the free retail price. But this is extremely unrealistic. Take the case of the teen who downloads all the latest games. If you take that opportunity away, is he going to then buy all the latest games? No, because he probably can't afford it.

Posted by: Brainster at May 24, 2005 08:33 AM

China is going to be particularly difficult to control piracy in, as they have neither the legal structure to punish the sources (as may work in the US and Europe), nor do they have the social/values structure that says piracy is theft, theft is bad, so don't use pirated software. Not to mention the problem with selling software at present retail rates in a country where a copy of Office would cost an average year's salary.

Posted by: markr at May 25, 2005 03:00 PM