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Getting Recharged.

Thanks to my most loyal readers for putting up with the slower blogging of late. A few reasons (excuses):

1. It's summer. It's hot. Computers emanate heat. I like to be away from the computer, if possible. Plus, "politics" is somewhat on vacation right now. There are interesting and important stories, to be sure, but none of them are as urgent or significant as the ones that will re-emerge in about a month from now.

2. My wife is hot. And fun. And she's going to Africa for three weeks on, three weeks off, beginning very soon. So I want to spend lots of time with her now, while I can.

3. Reading. I got a little behind on my leisure reading over the past few months. I'm catching up somewhat.

4. My thesis. This one might be number one, actually. I don't want to be one of those people who spend eight years "writing" a thesis before finally finishing up.

5. Baseball, football, etc. I've been following the Astros a little more closely. And, I've been salivating at the idea of football season approaching, so I've been trying to cram all sorts of life-or-death important (I'm being facetious) statistics into my head before then.

All that being said, I'm rapidly recharging the battery. A less "light" blogging regime will return soon. I promise. How soon, I don't know. It could be tomorrow, or it could be another week or so. But in the meantime, I will definitely keep posting all my regular features (trivia tidbits, quotational therapies, caption contests, reform Thursdays, and classy carnivals). And maybe I will jot out a few random (and hopefully, entertaining/interesting) thoughts whenever they pop up.



Oh, and I should add cooking to the list. I just made this grilled Asian pork tenderloin thing. Ridiculously good.

Posted by Will Franklin · 7 August 2005 08:03 PM


Amazing. I don't give two figs about sports, yet my web boss is a great sports fan and two of my favorite bloggers are Astros fans.

Other than that, though, I really can't see too many other similarities between you and Laurence Simon (www.isfullofcrap.com). But I suspect you two would get along...


Posted by: Jay Tea at August 7, 2005 08:07 PM

Glad to see I am not the only one drained by the heat!

Have fun and frolic with the wife, you deserve it, kudos to you.

Posted by: Am I A Pundit Now? at August 8, 2005 01:14 AM

Take your time, Will. Blogging should be done out of want, not pressure. It's good to see your priorities are locked in. Classy indeed...

Posted by: Hoodlumman at August 8, 2005 07:15 AM

You know what "They" say!... All work and no play makes Will a dull boy!... What I want to know is... WHO Is "THEY"????...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at August 8, 2005 10:32 AM

Well, you've got better reasons than me. Mine seem to always involve 'work'. Oh, and also the 'hot wife' thing. Hey, it's good to kick back now and then.

Posted by: Giacomo at August 8, 2005 03:14 PM

I've got a pork tenderloin (whole) sitting in my freezer right now, and was looking for a good recipe. If you've got your electronically, please launch it to me. Thanks much...



Posted by: surf-actant at August 9, 2005 10:49 AM