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Blame Is Not A Plan

You got to love the way the Left operates. *cough*

9-11 happens and Bush takes out the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Iraq is still in violation of UN sanctions, so we invade and remove Saddam from power.

President Bush acted. Because he acted he is blamed and will be blamed from now until the end of time by the Left.

If Afghanistan stays in the dark ages and stays embroiled in conflict, then the Left will say we failed and it is all Bush's fault. He must not have had a good enough plan or he lacked the required leadership. If terrorism rises or if extremists take over Pakistan, again the Left will blame Bush. Even if it all falls apart 10 or 20 years after Bush leaves office, it does not matter to the Left. Bush is to blame.

If Iraq falls into civil war, the Left will blame Bush. They will claim all the above things I have already written. The same holds true if terrorist attacks continue or if Iran exerts undo influence on the Iraqi government. Bush will be to blame. Again, even if all these things happen years down the road, Bush will be to blame. All because he acted.

This same scenario holds true for all the other pressing issues confronting Bush. If he acts in any way to rein in the North Koreans or if he takes action against a belligerent Iran or if he sells weapons to the Taiwanese. If whatever action he takes turns out to not work or have adverse consequences, the Left will blame him.

I guess one cannot fault them too much. After all, if you act, you do take on the responsibility for the consequences of that action.


The Left wants it both ways. If Bush acts they are waiting to hit him upside his head if he fails. But he doesn't act...well then they will blame him for not taking action. Follow that?

Bush is already blamed for not taking action prior to 9-11. If he had not taken action in Afghanistan, the Left would have said he was weak and he should have attacked our enemy. If he had not taken action against Iraq and Saddam launch a chemical attack against Israel or invaded another country or gave WMD's to terrorists, the Left would have blamed Bush for not acting.

This line of thinking is carried out with Iran and North Korea as well.

The Left and by proxy, Democrats, have no plan for anything. The ONLY thing they have a plan for is to blame Bush and Republicans for anything that turns out not quite like we had hoped. If it is because of action or inaction, they will blame. But ask them what their plan would be for say North Korea and you will get some gobbly gook about seeking allies and the UN. Didn't we already try that and they basically gave the whole world the finger and did what they wanted anyway? The same for Iraq. Ask them what they would have done and they will claim they would have kept pressure on Saddam through continued enforcement of UN sanctions. Gee, we saw how good that worked. Ten years after the First Gulf War the Left was trying to end the sanctions and were praising the Oil For Food Program.

They have no plan. Leadership, real leadership means taking risks. It would have been so much easier for Bush, in the short term, to leave Iraq alone. Same with dealing with the Iranians and North Koreans. But he took the action he felt was in the best long term interests of the U.S. Have there been mistakes? Plenty. Could there have been better planning? Don't get me started. Could the President have used the bully pulpit better? Amen to that. Regardless, Bush led. He didn't have too, look at Clintons halfhearted attempt at fighting terrorism, but Bush took the risks.

I am open to criticism of Bush. There are many places that I am highly critical of him, but I will not fault him for leading the country. That is why we elected him and re-elected him. You may not like Bush, you may hate him, you may be so blinded by hate of the man that you do not see why he had to do what he has done, that is fine, this is America, but instead of blaming him from now until the end of time, why not have some realistic plans for how YOU would handle things. You never know, you may get a chance to be in power again. It sure would suck to find out that you had no plan. Being against Bush is not a plan.

Mike controls the world from his blog WunderKraut.com

Posted by Wunderkraut · 30 September 2005 07:14 PM


I just read Random Numbers post on the Freedom Fighters in Iraq! I might have a bit of a twisted humor ... BUT ... Bullwinkle really makes me laugh!...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at September 30, 2005 08:58 PM

Wunderkraut you have more class than you know! Great post!...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at September 30, 2005 09:53 PM

Mike, I have to disagree with you on this one. You might say that the blame game isn't much of a plan or it's a bad plan or even a terrible plan but it is a plan. It seems to be the only one they have so you could trithfully say it's the best plan they've managed to come up with.

Posted by: bullwinkle at October 1, 2005 01:25 AM

Here is the downside to me of the Democratic plan to blame Bush--it only works if bad things happen to us as a people. For instance, blame Bush for the economy only works if the jobs numbers come in poor and the economy is in shambles. Blame Bush for Katrina only works if there is widespread suffering, looting, raping, and murder, of which it appears that much of the looting, raping and murder appears to be a fabrication of the media. Another example is Iraq, where the body count increasing or terrorist attacks are almost cheered as good news by the left.

So the left has to rely on either bad things happening to our country or on the appearance of bad things happening. In their own powerlust, they are cheering for bad things and rooting against us. Imagine a player on a team rooting for his coach to get fired and doing everything he can to make it happen. Yet we continue to allow these people to publicly say "We support the troops." Come on.

Posted by: Justin B at October 2, 2005 10:03 AM

The "Pottery-Barn Rule" is a cattle-prod to inaction. I'm very sorry Colin Powell ever popularized the term.

But, now that this meme is firmly lodged in the discourse defining America's efforts in Iraq, the left has only to portray Bush's projects as "broken" too invoke the "rule." This explains the Left's focus on every subjective, amplifiable flaw like Abu Ghraib "abuses," American casualties and car bombs. To them, since it ain't perfect, it's broken - and he has to "pay for it."

What the left doesn't get is it has cast itself in the role of that snoopy, over-bearing Aunt in the late 70's Lysol commercials who'd show up to snark over the dust on the top of the door, or the grease spots on the stove burners.

Nit-nit-pickety, snoop-nose-snootitty, horn-rimmed glasses on the end of her nose: we all know what middle America thinks of her!

Posted by: Steve at October 2, 2005 10:17 AM