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Quotational Therapy: Part 41 -- Cindy Sheehan, On America.

Cindy Sheehan, In Her Own Words-

"Thank God for the Internet, or we wouldn't know anything, and we would already be a fascist state."
"Our government is run by one party, every level, and the mainstream media is a propaganda tool for the government."
"Then we have this lying bastard, George Bush, taking a five week vacation in a time of war. You know what? I'm never going to get to enjoy another vacation because of him. My vacation probably -- this is really sad because I have a really cute dress I was going to wear to the banquet tomorrow night -- but I'm either going to be in jail or in a tent in Crawford, waiting until that jerk comes out and tells me why my son died."
"You tell me the truth. You tell me that my son died for oil. You tell me that my son died to make your friends rich. You tell me my son died to spread the cancer of Pax Americana, imperialism in the Middle East."
"And if you think I won't say bulls**t to the President, I say move on, cause I'll say what's on my mind."
"You get that evil maniac out here, 'cause a Gold Star Mother, somebody whose blood is on his hands, has some questions for him."
"The biggest terrorist is George W. Bush."
"If he thinks that it's so important for Iraq to have a U.S.-imposed sense of freedom and democracy, then he needs to sign up his two little party-animal girls. They need to go to this war."
"What can we do to get him out of power? And I'm gonna say the 'I' word: Impeach. And we have to have everybody impeached that lied to the American public, and that's the executive branch, and any people in congress, and we got to go all the way down... to the person who picks up the dogs**t in Washington because we can't let somebody rise to the top who will pardon these war criminals. Because they need to go to prison for what they've done in this world. We can't have a pardon. They need to pay for what they've done."
"It's up to us, the people, to break immoral laws and resist. As soon as the leaders of a country lie to you, they have no authority over you. These maniacs have no authority over us. And they might be able to put our bodies in prison, but they can't put our spirits in prison."
"Is there anyone in America who cannot yet see that Donald Rumsfeld is a liar, that he -- as with Hitler and Stalin -- will say anything so long as he thinks it will help shape the world to his own liking? Is there even one sane adult among us who cannot see that Donald Rumsfeld is a threat to our nation's security and to peace on our beloved earth?"
"Am I emotional? Yes, my first born was murdered. Am I angry? Yes, he was killed for lies and for a PNAC [Project for the New American Century] Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel. My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel. Am I stupid? No, I know full well that my son, my family, this nation, and this world were betrayed by George [W.] Bush who was influenced by the neo-con PNAC agenda after 9/11."
"We are waging a nuclear war in Iraq right now. That country is contaminated. It will be contaminated for practically eternity now."
"I was raised in a country by a public school system that taught us that America was good, that America was just. America has been killing people... since we first stepped on this continent; we have been responsible for death and destruction. I passed on that bulls**t to my son, and my son enlisted. I'm going all over the country telling moms this country is not worth dying for."
"Our country has been overtaken by murderous thugs... gangsters who lust after fortunes and power, never caring that their addictions are at the expense of our loved ones, and the blood of innocent people near and far. We've watched these thugs parade themselves before the whole world as if they are courageous advocates for Christian moral values... and for the spread of democracy. Yet we all know that they are now putting in place, all across this country, a system of voting that provides no way to validate the accuracy of the counting of the votes... and that, by its very design, prohibits recounting the votes. Our loved ones have been buried in early graves even as these arrogant thugs parade themselves before the entire world, insisting that democracy is worth dying for, killing for, and destroying entire cities for... In their secret hiding places, while celebrating newly won fortunes with their fellow brass, these men must surely congratulate themselves with orgies of carnal pleasure as they mock the dwindling multitudes who are yet so blind as to mistake them for God's devoted servants."

The American Spectator.

There's more:

"George is finished playing golf and telling his fables in San Diego, so he will be heading to Louisiana to see the devastation that his environmental policies and his killing policies have caused."

And even more:

Cindy Sheehan said she is "losing compassion" for those mothers who have lost children in Iraq but still choose to support the mission there. The mothers are "brainwashed," Mrs. Sheehan thinks.

It is no wonder this lunatic has not changed any minds. Indeed, she has made slightly more people more likely to support the war in Iraq than to oppose it:


She is trash.

Finally, Sheehan:

"I look back on it, and I am very, very, very grateful he did not meet with me, because we have sparked and galvanized the peace movement," Sheehan told The Associated Press. "If he'd met with me, then I would have gone home, and it would have ended there."

So she didn't really care about meeting Bush a second time. It was just a handy way to get some publicity.

Fortunately, though, for all of us, the summer of Sheehan is coming to an end:


Unfortunately, the left's Sheehan-anger is being diverted and parlayed into Katrina-anger.


Previous Quotational Therapy Session:

Karl Marx, On Free Trade.

The right quote can be therapeutic, so tune in to WILLisms.com for quotational therapy every Monday and Friday.

Posted by Will Franklin · 2 September 2005 10:35 AM


I was hoping someone would put all the bits together so we can see what a loon this lady is. Good research there Will!

Posted by: WunderKraut at September 2, 2005 10:52 AM

Cindy Sheehan is so full of Le poo poo! Cindy do you even have a home anymore to go home to?...I was going to tell her to go home!...BUT...Hmmmm?

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at September 2, 2005 08:58 PM

Wher is Cindy's straight jacket?

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at September 3, 2005 02:31 PM

I listened to Cindy on NPR's "Talk of the Nation". She is a freak. Neal, the host, brought up her first meeting with president Bush and she said she had already been asked about that enough. When Neal persisted she said he was rude and mean to her...completely contradicting what she said after the first meeting. She is a weird, sick person.

You can listen to the NPR segment here: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4822109

See Cindy's first impression of her meeting with the president here: http://www.thereporter.com/search/ci_2923921

Posted by: Carolynn at September 5, 2005 07:10 PM

shame on you sheehan for denigrating the loss of my precious noah boye...kia 041304. he was a marine's marine!!! you better hope we never come face to face because my WORDS alone will bring you to your knees!!! watch your mouth AND your step. my son was a real man... killed in action. and although i still spend days at home from work because the grief overwhelms me (and no one is padding my checkbook when i miss work) i am proud of him. i miss him and cry for him a year and a half later...but he left this earth an awesome man...and a great marine.
keep my son's name out of your cause...or perhaps somehow i can sue you for misrepresenting him.
semper fi
diana boye

Posted by: diana boye at October 9, 2005 03:01 AM