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Oct. 31, 2005 12:41 AM

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July 25, 2007 4:32 PM

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May 28, 2008 11:12 PM

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June 9, 2008 12:25 PM



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Social Security Reform Thursday.
March 13, 2008

Caption Contest: Enter Today!
Due: July 29, 2008

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Mar. 14, 2006

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Apr. 4, 2008

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A WILLisms.com(ic), by Ken McCracken
July 14, 2006


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Wednesday Caption Contest: Part 24.

This week's WILLisms.com Caption Contest photograph:


The actual caption:

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld pauses to rub his eyes during a press briefing at the Pentagon, in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2005. Rumsfeld commented on the elections in Afghanistan and the use of the American military to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

There must be a better caption out there for this photograph.

Entries will remain open until 11:59 PM, Central Standard Time, Tuesday, September 27. Submit your captions in the comments section, or email at WILLisms@gmail.com.

Last week's photo:


Winners from last week:



Hiker Stephen Gough, "I knew I should have taken a left at Albuquerque."


Bart Harmon:

Realizing, at last, that he had mistakenly transposed his wife's promise to "take him on a hike for his birthday" for encouragement to "take a hike in your birthday suit," British subject Stephen Gough finally resolved to seek treatment for his ever-worsening aural dislexia.



Stephen Gough looks to the skies, always desperate to keep tabs on the weather. He always faced ridicule from people he passed on the road, but a cold front passing inevitably brought jokes about his "little hitchhiker", those were the cruelest of all.

Captioning is Rumsfeldeliciously rad.

Enter today!

Posted by Will Franklin · 21 September 2005 01:54 AM


97...98...99...100! Ready or not here I come!

Posted by: bullwinkle at September 21, 2005 06:20 AM

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is trying his own impersonation of Parish President Broussard...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at September 21, 2005 08:55 AM

After catching a glimpse of Helen Thomas in an appallingly short skirt, Donald Rumsfeld contemplates gouging his eyes out.

Posted by: Hoodlumman at September 21, 2005 09:22 AM

Defending Gen Honore's recent comments about the press being "Stuck on stupid," Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld wearily rubs his eyes as NBC's David Gregory shreiks, "Well, the jerk store called, and they're running out of YOU!"

Posted by: John at September 21, 2005 12:04 PM

When Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was asked by conspiracy theorists about possible connections between classified military weather control equipment and the now apparently continuously onslaught of hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, he covered his eyes and muttered in a thick German accent, "I know noth... ing! ... Noth... ing!" Not shown, President George W. Bush was reportedly holding his hands over his ears shouting, "I can't hear you! I can't hear you! Nya Nya Nya Nya!" Deputy Defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz was reportedly holding his hands over his mouth, unable to speak, but with eyes darting nervously about the room.

Posted by: Mark Martin at September 21, 2005 02:15 PM

Donald Rumsfeld responds to another Manic Monday

Posted by: Rodney Dill at September 21, 2005 03:14 PM

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld activates his laser eyes in preparation for the next 'Stuck on Stupid' moment for the Pentagon Press Corps.

Posted by: Brandon at September 21, 2005 05:52 PM

DONALD RUMSFELD'S FINAL WORDS: "Did you folks ever see that movie, Blade Runner? I loved the part where Rutger Hauer stuck his fingers in this guy's eyesockets and..."

Posted by: Mr. Right at September 21, 2005 11:03 PM

Secretary Rumsfeld decided the time had come to invest in some new ANCO wiper blades.

Posted by: Mr. Right at September 21, 2005 11:07 PM

It was at that very moment that Secretary Rumsfeld suddenly realized he had been spending far too much time with Sen. George Voinovich.

Posted by: Mr. Right at September 21, 2005 11:14 PM

Donald Rumsfeld tears up in an uncharacteristic show of emotion after Martha tells him "You just don't fit in" on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart."

Posted by: Rodney Dill at September 22, 2005 07:31 AM

"See no evil... see no evil... see no evil..."

Posted by: I. Ronnie at September 22, 2005 08:16 AM

"Wait, there's something in my eyes... Oh! It's my fingers."

Posted by: I. Ronnie at September 22, 2005 08:18 AM

"And here's video of the Communist invasion of Washington lead by Cindy Sheehan. Oh the humanity! I can't watch!"

Posted by: I. Ronnie at September 22, 2005 08:20 AM

I have seen London. I have seen France. I really didn't need to see Helen in her underpants!

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at September 22, 2005 08:20 PM

Sometimes the only thing you can do is press reset to reboot the motherboard.

Posted by: Rodney Dill at September 22, 2005 08:35 PM

To self: "Ya know, when that Broussard fella cried on TV, the pressman started taking it easy on 'im. Maybe, if I can get these old guys to squeak out a drop or two I might be able to get the heck outta here an' go fishin'. (rubs eyes) Ahh heck with it, these things been dry goin' on 3 score and 16 years now, ain't gonna get any now. That's pansy crap anyway."

Posted by: Scott at September 22, 2005 10:13 PM

To self: "Aww man, I HAD to look at the uncropped picture from last weeks caption contest. Gonna have to hit the hard stuff tonight to get that image outta my head."

Posted by: Scott at September 22, 2005 10:15 PM

He is best known for his animosity towards the press in equal measure to the need to wear Make-up for his Televised Press Conferences. Still, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is not above blending his eyeshadow on the advice of the veteran Whitehouse Correspondent's corps.

Posted by: Mr. Michael at September 24, 2005 08:42 PM

Yes! This is how the President controls the Hurricane.

Yes! When he puts his fingers up his nostrils, then it will spawn tornadoes in the area of poor folk!

No! This is not a secret code for Osama to attack again.

Any other questions from someone other than the NYT?

Posted by: DL at September 25, 2005 09:45 AM

Donald Rumsfeld explains to the visiting Kyrgyz press corps, "Me Rumsfeld. Me play joke. Me put pee pee in your coke."

Posted by: Gus Garciaton at September 27, 2005 10:24 PM