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Drudge Irony Alert

Matt Drudge is known for writing catchy headlines at the Drudge Report. I think he is also known for ironic placement of such headlines:

Now, what do you think the chances are that the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in New Delhi were practitioners of that religion of peace and love, Islam? Who knows, maybe we will find out that these murderous crimes were committed by Buddhists. Or Unitarians.

Doesn't even matter. The prince still needs to buy a clue.

Update: well surprise surprise. The attacks were committed by Islamic militants seeking independence for Kashmir. I know it was not a very difficult guess, but still.

Okay JS Narins, I am waiting for my apology.

Posted by Ken McCracken · 30 October 2005 02:14 AM


The good Prince can practice his pitch by preaching to the families of those killed in the London subway attack.

Posted by: Fred Fry at October 30, 2005 08:09 AM

Timothy MvVeigh? Lee Harvey Oswald?

Perhaps you think Dr Mengele was a Jew or Muslim?

Most terrorism in India is perpetrated by the (non-Muslim) Tamil Tigers.

Hindu mobs violently attack Muslims in India.

Did you totally miss that Irish and Scots got in riots over _soccer_ which killed people?

Or that massive riots occured in Ireland in the last year?

Lots of Muslims on the Liffey?

Bigot, bigot, bigot.

Posted by: JS Narins at October 30, 2005 08:33 AM

If I say that muslims often commit violence, that somehow makes me a bigot?

Are you saying that muslims never commit violence?

Are you saying that muslims do not blow people up on trains in London, on trains in Madrid, on buses, planes, on the street?

Did I ever once in my post say that only muslims commit violence?

If it turns out the the bombings in New Delhi were in fact commmitted by muslims, are you going to apologize and retract your ridiculous charge of bigotry?

The Tamil Tigers are in Sri Lanka, by the way, not India.

Posted by: Ken McCracken at October 30, 2005 10:36 AM

Saying the word bigot over and over isn't an argument. It's an admission that you've lost.

Posted by: Will Franklin at October 30, 2005 02:12 PM

Still and all, it's a pretty neat juxtaposition of headlines on Drudge... I wonder how many (other) people just read the headlines when they click to his site? Goodness knows I only click on the ones that are both interesting and new to me.

But then I trust the Blogs more than I trust Matt and his fascination with Hollywood... ;)

Mr. Michael

Posted by: Mr. Michael at October 31, 2005 01:19 AM