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July 14, 2006


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Trivia Tidbit Of The Day: Part 210 -- Fundraising.

The NRSC Lags For A Reason-

For all the talk of looming political trouble in 2006 for Congressional Republicans, the major GOP committees are out-raising their Democrat counterparts. And it's not just a handful of ultra-wealthy individuals contributing the big bucks, either. It's grassroots success. Lots of small and medium contributions.

Despite troubling polling numbers and overwhelmingly biased news coverage cooked up by the media, and despite a few targeted grumbles here and there from the GOP base, Democrats have failed to offer anything but shameless demagoguery, scandal-mongering, and seething hypocrisy.

Thus, Republicans have maintained their fundraising advantage across the board.


Across the board, with one glaring exception: the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).


Weak fundraising for the GOP committee responsible for maintaining and/or expanding the Republican majority in U.S. Senate is not difficult to understand. Of the 55 Republicans in the Senate, several are "mavericks," "moderates," or just plain hostile to President Bush and red state values. Rhode Island Republican Lincoln Chafee, for one, is up for reelection in 2006, and the NRSC has made a point of supporting the liberal Republican, prominently and unconditionally.

As long as the NRSC supports folks like Lincoln Chafee, who constantly side with Democrats and perpetually undermine Republican initiatives, fundraising will suffer. And I am not the only one to notice this phenomenon, either. Nope, a lot of folks have noticed the negative ramifications of NRSC attacks on a true Republican candidate, Steve Laffey.



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Posted by Will Franklin · 8 November 2005 11:35 AM


I guess that this is confirmation of the "Not One Dime" meme over at Captain's Quarters:

"And we can thank Bill Frist for his lack of leadership and resolve for taking a majority and turning it into a minority. Not One Dime for the NRSC as long as Frist remains majority leader, or for the Seven Dwarves ever."


I think a LOT of us have decided to definitely support Republican Candidates, but that we cannot trust the leadership of those in charge of the NSRP... Maybe that makes us "Right Wing Radicals". The label doesn't bother me, as I do see a need for "root level" change.

I see myself as an American first and foremost (politically speaking) and not a Republican. The republican party does not currently reflect a lot of my views, mostly on Budget, Border and Bench issues. Too many of the Senators who have held their offices for years have developed a tin ear on these 3B's... the only time we see Frist get worked up (for example) was when Harry Reid insulted him 'personally'. Frist showed more care for his own feelings than he shows for the three B's. Besides that snit fit, when was the last time you saw either Frist or Hastert pushing Right Wing subjects to the media or the Public?

Whoops, gotta go, Reid, Schumer and Kennedy are on the news again... must be important! *sigh*

Mr. Michael

Posted by: Mr. Michael at November 9, 2005 10:21 PM