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July 14, 2006


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The Psychology Of Defeatism

The Democratic party has found the message they think they can ride to victory in 2006, and it seems to be 'defeat at any cost'.

John Murtha tells our troops and the american people that our forces fighting overseas are 'broken' and 'living hand-to-mouth', and that we must cut and run and abandon democracy in the middle east. Howard Dean declares that the war in Iraq is unwinnable. John Kerry informs us that our troops are 'terrorizing' women and children in Iraq. Dick Durbin equates our troops with the Khmer Rouge.

President Bush was chided for saying that the views of these abandonistas are sincere, and Bush's statement has been taken as merely a polite way of avoiding darker accusations. After all, these Democrats don't really want defeat in Iraq.

Or do they?

If you view the world through that odd misshapen prism called liberalism, withdrawal from Iraq is a sort of victory, if you believe that it is good for a thug nation like the United States to be shamed and humiliated for daring to protect its national interests, and that abandoning the sham democracy in Iraq, and atoning for our sins by letting our enemies (which we created) punish our arrogance is a truly important lesson for America to learn once again, as it did in Vietnam. Thus, they do have a sincere belief that defeat for the United States is not really a 'defeat' at all - in that a military defeat will humiliate Bush and return the Democrats to their rightful ruling place in government, thus ushering a new golden age of enlightened policies that will help everyone.

For the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic party the War on Terror is not the truly important war being fought in this age. The important war is the life-and-death struggle of liberal versus conservative values, a belief that we are really engaged in a type of civil war - a titanic, world-historical Manichean struggle of the forces of light against darkness.

This view is part and parcel of the of belief in the supremacy of internationalism and socialism over the Constitution and American exceptionalism. This explains their long sad history of aiding and abetting the enemies of this nation, from supporting Alger Hiss, denying the crimes of Stalin, apologizing for Castro, advocating disarmament before a nuclear Soviet Union, and actually believing the mythical tripe churned out by leading lights of the left such as Noam Chomsky. That these things were somehow supposed to be good for the U.S. is a series of interlocking falsehoods that are a necessity for liberal thought, necessary to prevent chronic cognitive dissonance, the clashing of fantasy and reality, and to maintain their esteem in the belief that their superior intelligence and insight provides them with a natural mandate to rule. This delusion continues today, manifesting itself as a belief that once Bush is defeated, the rational jihadists will retreat with the knowledge that the real enemy of all mankind has been vanquished. The Democratic party is starting to veer into alliance with the terrorists now, and share exactly the same goal: removing the U.S. from Iraq. Democratic diffidence on the war is a way to 'educate' the racist and homophobic autocracy that is the United States, while at the same time winning back political power at the ballot box in 2006 by riding what they presume to be is the widespread disgust with George W. Bush.

So, in a sense they are quite sincere. They think they are helping. With luck, this craven strategy of defeat will seat them alongside George McGovern on the ash heap of history once again.

Posted by Ken McCracken · 8 December 2005 09:01 PM


Here, here! Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Dean, Kerry, et al, are gift-wrapping the 2006 elections with their recent comments.

This, after segments of the GOP were doing their level best to gift wrap the elections the other way. The only thing that can break down support for Congressional Republicans is Congressional Republicans joining the madness on the other side of the aisle.

Posted by: Will Franklin at December 8, 2005 09:09 PM