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Trivia Tidbit Of The Day: Part 240 -- Eco-Idiots.

Environmentalists & Reality-

An unfortunate and erroneous meme in left-wing and international politics today is that the United States is some sort of wreckless, soulless polluting monster, and that George W. Bush, American oil companies, and the Republican Party are all somehow to blame.

It's the Captain Planet world, where evil villains constantly plot to destroy the environment for corporate greed-- or sometimes just for the heck of it. If not for the Planeteers, harnessing the powers of earth, fire, wind, water, and heart, the entire planet would be a toxic sludge dump in a matter of days.

Indeed, many of the most ardently radical environmentalists view themselves as eco-warriors and eco-heroes. Like the Planeteers, even, protecting the environment and the planet from the machinations of the evil eco-villains.

And here is how radical environmentalists view those who deign to challenge the far-left enviro-orthodoxy:


Sly Sludge, for example, voiced by Martin Sheen (lots of celebs provided voices for the characters), is described this way by the Turner website:

Profile: A polluter and profiteer who deals in toxic wastes, his favorite ploy is to turn national forests or other remote areas into toxic waste dumps.

Then, of course, there's Looten Plunder:

Profile: He's suave, he's urbane, and he plunders the planet for profit. He rules his vast multinational empire with an iron fist, eliminating anyone or anything that stands in his way. Plunder considers ecologists to be fools with no understanding of the real world.

Plunder's favorite forms of ecological devastation include deforestation, species extinction, habitat destruction and misuse of technology.

So, if you challenge the assertions of ecologists with facts, you are just like the villainous Looten Plunder. Why not be more like Captain Planet instead?

Let's face it. It's easy to generalize one way or the other, but today we're all Planeteers. We're all environmentalists, even if we don't all buy the far-left environmental agenda hook, line, and sinker.

Who today is genuinely anti-environment the way the Captain Planet television show suggested-- and many in the "environmental movement" suggest today?

Everyone can appreciate cleaner air and water and land. But not all of us choose to get carried away with the anti-business, anti-Bush, anti-America, anti-progress rhetoric coming from much of the self-proclaimed environmentalist movement. Some of us are skeptical of "the sky is falling" claims. Some of us have noticed that the environment has actually improved-- substantially-- over the past few decades. Some of us have witnessed how a booming economy means innovation. Some of us have connected the dots between innovation and more energy-efficient vehicles and appliances. Some of choose not to develop a brain hernia thinking about whether trees are good or bad for the environment, what to do about flatulent cows, and whether the sun causes global warming. Some of us understand that incentives work better than mandates in reducing pollution. Some of us, meanwhile, have noticed that certain international environmental agreements (like Kyoto) leave out China and India and other emerging countries, and are thoroughly ineffectual at reducing pollution in industrialized nations.

Take a gander at some startlingly underreported eco-facts:

In the past third of a century, the American economy has swollen by 150 per cent, automobile traffic has increased by 143 per cent, and energy consumption has grown 45 per cent. During this same period, air pollutants have declined by 29 per cent, toxic emissions by 48.5 per cent, sulphur dioxide levels by 65.3 per cent, and airborne lead by 97.3 per cent. Despite signing on to Kyoto, European greenhouse gas emissions have increased since 2001, whereas America's emissions have fallen by nearly one per cent, despite the Toxic Texan's best efforts to destroy the planet.

Had America and Australia ratified Kyoto, and had the Europeans complied with it instead of just pretending to, by 2050 the treaty would have reduced global warming by 0.07C - a figure that would be statistically undectectable within annual climate variation. In return for this meaningless gesture, American GDP in 2010 would be lower by $97 billion to $397 billion...

Mark Steyn.

If Captain Planet is ever revived as a television program, it needs three new Planeteers with a new powers: free enterprise, common sense, and a grasp on reality. It also needs a few new eco-villains: an ecoterrorist, a lying journalist, and an anti-capitalist who uses environmentalism to promote the destruction of civilization.


Previous Trivia Tidbit: Tax Cuts Mean Business Do More Business.

Posted by Will Franklin · 9 December 2005 09:46 AM


Y'know... Dr. Blight's kinda hot. For an older gal.

Posted by: Hoodlumman at December 9, 2005 12:19 PM

Duke Nukem could really use some lotion!...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at December 9, 2005 01:05 PM

Oh and while your at it the "hole in the ozone" is repairing it's self faster than expected.

Of course, I'm sure that Clinton did that by himself while Gore was doing beta tests on his "interweb thingy."

Posted by: Rob B. at December 9, 2005 04:23 PM

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Common sense does prevail on this Earth. I live in the North east corner of New South Wales, Australia. This region is called the "rainbow region" and is the centre of Left Wing ECO extremism. In this area, if you even suggest that climate change is anything but man-made they label you a "racist, fascist stooge of the evil corporate America". There is a real "blame everything on America" industry here, and I am sick of it! Why do eco-nazis want Kyoto enacted? Because they are socialist organizations who know that this treaty will cripple our strong and affluent capitalist economies, while protecting countries like Communist China. These are the same people who think Iraq was better off under Saddam and Afghanis really loved the Taliban! And yes they also believe that Castros Cuba is some sort of paradise where everyone is Happy? Ecologists and their so called science is just a piece of contrived and politically motivated eco-extremism where saving little animals and frogs are more important than the lives, livelihood and lifestyle of people. I have researches a huge amount of their theories about climate change, none of their data is verifiable. Their "evidence" is unconnected and made up garbage that can easily be interpreted any way.
They make the assumption that climate is stable and nearly unchanging. Geological evidence has shown us that over 4.5 billion years of this planets history the climate has shifted drastically. And not just drastically but very rapid. There have been between 30 and 50 ice ages over the last 5 million years alone. 120000 years ago the global climate was so warm that England resembled equatorial Africa, (crocs in the river Thames!). Yet just 12000 years ago sheet ice extended from the North pole to as far south as Texas, and that ice age ended in a very short period of time. This planet naturally warmed up in the space of 3-4 human lifetimes. That dumped so much cold freshwater into the oceans (affecting currents) that it triggered a 900 year long mini ice age called the Younger Dryas. I the time between ice ages and warm periods the climate can fluctuate wildly. 7000 years ago natural global warming allowed humanity to develop agriculture and then civilization. Since the last ice ages sea levels have risen hundreds of metres and they have also dropped down. Archeologists searching for the remains of harbours built by Vikings 1100 years ago found them 500 metres inland and estimated that sea levels back then were 2-3 metres higher than today. Coincidently at the same time the Vikings were settling Greenland and maybe even the north eastern coast of the United States. Greenland was named after those Viking settlers, during those times the settlers farmed vegetables, grain and livestock in a region that is now a frozen expanse of glaciers and ice sheets. The 20th Century alone was (as you have stated) fluctuating between a marked warming periods and cold spells. I have noticed on the news that many countries in the Northern Hemisphere have experienced colder than usual winters and record snow falls. Yet the contradictory eco-nuts and their media supporters will state "this is a sign of Global warming - and a man made calamity". Stop driving that 4x4 (suv) stop using electricity, stop all your industries, live like savages in the dark. That is what they want. The author Micheal Crichton has recently released a novel called State of Fear, any one with an interest in bringing back balance to environmental politics should read this book and visit his website and read his speech "Fear, Complexity & environmental management in the 21st century".
6 November 2005 - Washington Centre for Complexity and Public Policy (collaboration with the Smithsonian). See it all on the website
www.crichton-official.com .
Now if the greenies are to be believed humanity and especially the USA, Australia and western capitalist economies are responsible for all of the worlds ills. In fact one eco site I visted even blamed ancient humans for previous global warming episodes - as far as I know there were very few people in the world of ancient times (compared to today) and I am sure that the ancient Clovas people did not drive SUV's. They also blamed the people of the middle ages for warming the Earth up a thousand years ago. This global warming hysteria is becoming a religion, like religious fanatics every "sign" signals impending doom! Intelligence and common sense has been replaced with hysteria and stupidity and a huge amount of left wing politics for good measure controlling the strings. Folks we need to start arguing back. I have a strong interest in this subject, I am Masters degree level Clinical nurse and a farmer. I am married with 4 children and I dont want our lives controlled by left wing green radicals. As a farmer, climatology (The weather) has become an important part of my life. Intelligent argument and unbiased research into this issue is needed immediately. Kyoto will achieve nothing yet the plan by Australia and the USA to fund research into alternative sources of fuel and energy has been condemned by environmentalists. Why? Because they are determined to destroy our liberty, freedom, democracy and our strong free enterprise economies. The environment my backside! We must stop this left wing subterfuge.
Keep up the fight and good luck for the future.

David Slatter
84 Boggumbil Road
New South Wales
Australia 2480

Posted by: David Slatter at February 18, 2006 01:40 AM