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Quotational Therapy: Part 98 -- Howard Dean, On Gay Marriage.

One Man, One Woman, Eh?

This one's for the single-issue voters. I know you're out there. And you know who you are. I know you are as right-wing as right-wing comes, but you claim to be "liberal" because of this one issue. You even now vote for socialist Democrats just to stick it to the anti-gay GOP.

Again, this one is for you.


Howard Dean, pandering to values voters:

"The Democratic Party platform from 2004 says that marriage is between a man and a woman. That's what it says."

Oh, really, Howard? Because that's not what you've said in the recent past. Nor is it what the 2004 DNC platform said:

"We support full inclusion of gay and lesbian families in the life of our nation and seek equal responsibilities, benefits, and protections for these families. In our country, marriage has been defined at the state level for 200 years, and we believe it should continue to be defined there. We repudiate President Bush's divisive effort to politicize the Constitution by pursuing a 'Federal Marriage Amendment.' Our goal is to bring Americans together, not drive them apart."

So the plan was/is to discretely slip support for gay marriage into the platform (that nobody reads), hope gays would take the bait, then have candidates go out and say what the overwhelming majority of Americans want to hear (marriage = 1 man + 1 woman)?


The GOP certainly has its flaws, but the Democratic Party is a hopelessly contradictory coalition of divergent interest groups (that usually don't even like each other). It constantly astounds me how the Democratic Party's mutually exclusive groups can put aside such stark differences and come together at election time.

And for what?

To be sold down the river when the going gets rough (and make no mistake, the polls are rough right now for both parties).

[Hat tip: A Stitch in Haste]

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The right quote can be therapeutic, so tune in to WILLisms.com for quotational therapy on Monday and Friday.

Posted by Will Franklin · 12 May 2006 11:14 AM


I say let the liberals pander to the gays. This is not to say that conservatives or even Republicans would deprive anyone of their bill of rights. No where in the bill of rights does it say that two men or two women can marry and then collect social security money for the dead wife, which is what this eventually gets down to. Anyone can specify anyone else with power of attorney. I visited a hospital recently and their policy was that the person in the hospital could specify anyone as their person of interest.

Posted by: Chief RZ at May 12, 2006 11:44 AM


Are you offering to pay the legal fees of every gays couple who, unlike legally married couples, need to go through the hoops of a durable power of attorney?

If not, then you are a rank hypocrite when you say it's only about money.

Posted by: KipEsquire at May 12, 2006 12:38 PM

I'm gay and I never understood the blind loyalty most gays have toward the Democrat Party. Dean's statement is just one of many examples of the Dems talking out of both sides of their mouth on this issue.

I agree with Chief. I am not prohibited from marrying. I can marry any woman I want. Just because I don't want to marry a woman (my choice) doesn't mean I have been denied any rights.

Would I be upset if we passed a constitutional amendment allowing SSM? Hell no. Make it a right. It worked for women's suffrage even when women didn't get to vote for it.

Kip, I found an Durable Power of Attorney form for my state after about 2 seconds on Google. That hoop wasn't so big.

Posted by: John in IL at May 12, 2006 07:51 PM

Okay, try falling in love with a foreigner and bringing him into this country permanently. Then let's talk about hoops.

Posted by: KipEsquire at May 14, 2006 01:36 PM