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Trivia Tidbit Of The Day: Part 336 -- Woman.

Woah, Man-

Myth & Reality, about women in Europe and the United States:

According to a paper published by the International Labor Organization this past June, women account for 45 percent of high-level decision makers in America, including legislators, senior officials and managers across all types of businesses. In the U.K., women hold 33 percent of those jobs. In Sweden—supposedly the very model of global gender equality—they hold 29 percent.

Germany comes in at just under 27 percent, and Italian women hold a pathetic 18 percent of power jobs. These sad statistics say as much about Europe's labor markets, lingering welfare-state policies and corporate leadership as they do about its attitudes toward women. It's not that European women are stuck in the house. (After all, 57 percent of women in the EU 15 work, less than the U.S. rate of 65 percent, but not dramatically so.) The real problem is that Europe has been consistently unable to tap the highest potential of its female workers, who represent half of college graduates in most countries. Women, it seems, can have a job—but not a high-powered career.

Typical Europe.

Meanwhile, some encouraging news here in the U.S. about women and the glass ceiling:

A 2001 survey of business owners with M.B.A.s conducted by the Rochester Institute of Technology found that money was the primary motivator for only 29% of women, versus 76% of men. Women prioritized flexibility, fulfillment, autonomy and safety.


...what happens when women make the same lucrative decisions typically made by men? The good news--for women, at least: Women actually earn more. For example, when a male and a female civil engineer both stay with their respective companies for ten years, travel and relocate equally and take the same career risks, the woman ends up making more. And among workers who have never been married and never had children, women earn 117% of what men do.



Previous Trivia Tidbit: Immigration.

Posted by Will Franklin · 19 May 2006 10:58 AM


Yet another reason - behind military capability and health care - to emulate the EU model of governance and society.


Posted by: Cardinals Nation at May 19, 2006 05:47 PM

Swedish and French time off allownces for women who have children (as much as 15 months with pay/benefits), provide huge disincentive to hire these workers. And this is how the pseudo-Communist Labor Unions want it:

Like France, most countries in the European Union provide for some sort of paid parental leave. The European Union Parental Leave Directive sets the minimum standards of three months unpaid leave for each employee. According to a new study of parental leave in European Union countries and Norway, edited by Peter Moss of London University's Institute of Education and Fred Deven of the Flemish Population and Family Study Centre (Parental Leave: Progress or Pitfall?), parental leave policies vary widely across the EU in all aspects perhaps reflecting different national priorities. For example, Britain in 1999 was the last EU member state to make parental leave a legal entitlement and now has Europe's most minimal design: 13 weeks per parent, available in blocks of four weeks per year, with no statutory payment and no flexibility. The study suggests that due to the lack of wage replacement, few British parents will take the leave. In contrast, Sweden has the most developed and generous design with 15 months leave, mostly highly paid, great flexibility and incentives for fathers to participate. Seventy percent of Swedish men take parental leave, including, uniquely, most senior male politicians.

In the U.S., many men and women who work can take unpaid leave under the Family Medical Leave Act for bonding after a child is born. However, there is no national policy of paid maternity leave (although some maternity benefits are paid under state laws like disability in NY, CA, NJ, RI, and HI). According to the National Partnership for Women and Families, "too many women and men simply cannot afford to take unpaid leave, even when their families need them most. The bipartisan Family Leave Commission found that nearly two-thirds of employees who did not take needed leave cited lost wages as the primary reason."

Hence the incentive for Americans to hire and promote women as compared to Europe. In Europe, women (and to a lesser extent men) with families are far less productive. Why hire a woman who you will have to pay while she is having children?

Ironic how the Communists seek equality and the Labor Unions seek to protect workers with their laws that punish business, yet all the Labor Unions are doing is building their own glass ceilings and pushing jobs overseas to areas that do not have these laws that hinder productivity. In the Capitalist versus Socialist (Communist) battle, Capitalism is always going to win. Marx versus Smith--every single round has gone to Adam Smith.

Posted by: Justin B at May 19, 2006 09:22 PM

I have three sisters and no brothers, as well as two daughters and no sons. So I have always been firmly on the side of women having their shot at moving up.

However, there is a bit of an annoying side to women making more than men for equal levels of dedication to their jobs. I work at a large company and there is constant pressure to promote diversity, like there is I assume at most large US companies. I am okay with that, but there does get introduced an element of de facto affirmative action. Managers are partially judged for performance on how well they are developing a diverse workforce. So if a man and a woman are equally qualified, they will more often promote the woman. It is just the wise career move for the manager. So this can introduce a subtle form of reverse discrimination.

Posted by: Dan Morgan at May 22, 2006 07:42 PM