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10 Goofy Thoughts About Zarqawi's Death

The ego defenses were in high gear yesterday, as cognitive dissonance set in among many on the left in the wake of Abu Musab Zarqawi's death.

A virtual squirmfest of conspiracy-mongering, armchair quarterbacking and classic moobat dimthink ensued. A sight to behold.

1. It will make things worse in Iraq! It takes a special kind of stupid to make this argument. Are you surprised that ABC makes the argument also?

2. Zarqawi was an 'invented menace.' Or a strawman. Take your pick.

3. Killing Zarqawi doesn't change anything. It doesn't change anything? Well, we'll never know will we, after all the guy is now dead. That is like saying that killing this guy changed nothing during World War II. Right on cue, Jack Murtha said "I think we cannot win this." Take a bow, Jack.

4. I question the timing! You knew this one was coming. AllahPundit: "Send me any links you find of people questioning the timing, the stupider the better. Ten points if they tie it to Haditha, a thousand points if they tie it to the start of Yearly Kos." And sure enough, Democratic Rep. Pete Stark of California took the bait - "This is just to cover Bush's [rear] so he doesn't have to answer for Iraqi civilians being killed by the U.S. military and his own sagging poll numbers. Iraq is still a mess -- get out."

5. Another guy will just take his place. " . . . most likely Abu Masri. Just like gangs and the mob, when one goes, another rises up." - TalkLeft

6. Okay, we can bring the troops home now! "Our troops have done their job in Iraq." - John Kerry

7. Zarqawi was just small potatoes. "As terrorists go, he was what sportswriters might call a scrub." - Scott Thill

"There is no evidence of operational links between his Salafi Jihadis in Iraq and the real al-Qaeda; it was just a sort of branding that suited everyone, including the US. Official US spokesmen have all along over-estimated his importance. Leaders are significant and not always easily replaced. But Zarqawi has in my view has been less important than local Iraqi leaders and groups. I don't expect the guerrilla war to subside any time soon." - Juan Cole

"Zarqawi's importance to the tactical situation in Iraq has always been overstated, and I doubt he has any significance at all to the strategic situation." - Matthew Yglesias

8. Bush blew earlier chances to kill Zarqawi. "U.S. forces passed on taking him out three times." - Russell Shaw, citing this article by MSNBC, which claims: "long before the war the Bush administration had several chances to wipe out his terrorist operation and perhaps kill Zarqawi himself — but never pulled the trigger. In June 2002, U.S. officials say intelligence had revealed that Zarqawi and members of al-Qaida had set up a weapons lab at Kirma, in northern Iraq, producing deadly ricin and cyanide."

What a minute. You mean to tell me that al-Qaeda was in Iraq before the invasion, and they were cooking up WMDs? The devil you say!

9. He's not really dead. Or, he was already dead for some time, but spent a Weekend At Bernie's: "I can't help but wonder if al-Zarqawi wasn't killed some time ago and they just decided to announce it today and tell us he was killed in yesterday's raid." - TalkLeft (. . . again, which deserves some kind of award for hitting most of the above points all in one post).

10. Killing never solves anything. Michael Berg takes the extreme view over the death of his son Nick's murderer.

There are still more, such as "He deserved a trial, hot meals and cable t.v.," "his martydom will only create even more terrorists", "how many civilians died trying to kill this guy?" Play along at home if you like!

Thanks to Hotline and Dr. Sanity for the links.

Posted by Ken McCracken · 9 June 2006 11:54 PM


Good list.

You have to wonder about #6, though. I feel that killing the #1 terrorist in the region should come with more than the "our job may never be done in Iraq as more terrorists will take Zarqawi's place" speech from Bush. Bush's speech after Zarqawi's death was next to worthless as it gave absolutely no incentive to Iraqis nor did it give any specific direction. I think Bush really needs to take a chance on pulling out gradually. I’m not suggesting next week but soon. Our troops need to start coming home sometime, and what better way to express gratitude for this recent event than actually thinning our forces. It isn't going to get any better with us there at this point. Same goes for the Stan.

Posted by: Greensickle at June 10, 2006 01:57 AM

By gradually I mean all of Pope's C-17 Globemasters on solid rotation for a couple weeks after the dust from Zarqawi's death settles. Make sure they’re all parachutist qualified so they can do an in-flight rig and airborne-op back into the sandbox should crap hit the fan as they’re flying over the Atlantic. I’m just tired of this... goodnight

Posted by: Greensickle at June 10, 2006 02:15 AM

Just wondering if anyone else can see within the list, not one argument can be reinforced by any other means other then speculation. Where is the consideration for facts? Something that I hope would be in play.

Posted by: MKleais at June 10, 2006 12:22 PM

Ding dong Zarqawi is gone! La la la la la la la la laaaaaa...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at June 10, 2006 02:08 PM

Nice list.

It sort of makes one wonder about whether these folks even want the good gus to win.

Or if they even know who the good guys are.

Posted by: Wiill Franklin at June 11, 2006 08:31 AM

Being a sane person(Ihope), this list has colors of a David Letterman Top Ten List.
The left takes this moonbat speculation, couples it with their hatred of President Bush, their own special kind of patriotism and are convinced they have a whole new set of facts.
My only regret about his demise is that some young Marine or Soldier did not get to put a bullet in his brain while the z man stared down the barrel of a gun. I would only have given him time to realize what was going to happen before he could have uttered "allah akbar."
I can't muster up my usual PC feelings today.

Posted by: Eneils Bailey at June 11, 2006 12:10 PM