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July 14, 2006


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Pundit Roundtable

Hello! Welcome back to the PUNDIT ROUNDTABLE, our semi-regular thrashing out of the issues. I am your host, Ken McCracken. Here is the topic for this week:

Topic : On a scale of 1 to 10, how important a development is the death of Zarqawi for Iraq? Why?

Now, I only got one response back this week from all the pundits I tried to contact. Normally, I would cancel the Roundtable, or put it off for another week. But considering our sole pundit is the QUEEN OF ALL EVIL I thought that might just be a bad idea. So here we have Roundtable newcomer, Rosemary Esmay!

"It is a 10 but not just for Iraq. So many important things will happen now because of Zarqawi's death. We need the Iraqi people to trust us, to want us to succeed. The Coalition Forces can't do this alone. They need to believe that this is for them and they need to help and they did. The Iraqis gave him up and we went in and killed his psycho ass. That reaffirms to them that we are true to our word. We are winning their hearts and minds and that is key for Iraq to be successful. We need them to want to stand up and fight for themselves and they are. This is a huge effort from people that have been beaten down and made to feel helpless. Every success boosts the confidence of the Iraqi people and makes them feel stronger and believe that they will be free.

Another reason his death is important is that it is a morale booster for the troops and for the American people. For the troops, nothing can be more rewarding than killing the monster responsible for the deaths of so many. The people need this even more than the troops. They have unfortunately been buying into the hype and hysteria that the Democrats, with the help of the media, have been spoon feeding them for years. We needed to kill this piece of crap and kill him good. I'd also like to add that the news that Zarqawi saw the U.S. military before taking his overdue trip to Hell is an added bonus.

The last reason is for the Democrats. Now that we have killed him, the Democrats and their "faux" liberal supporters can start digging up old news stories about Zarqawi having Al Qaeda training camps in Iraq prior to our invasion. Now they can start screeching about Bush not bombing, without Congressional approval, those terrorist training camps that they were in a country that didn't attack us, didn't have any WMDs, didn't have any connection to 9/11 and didn't have any involvement with Al Qaeda. Oops...

Apparantly, along with the Bush Derangement Syndrome, the "faux" liberals suffer from some type of memory loss and so they won't notice that this particular complaint makes them look like they ride the short yellow schoolbus of integrity. I know potheads with better short term memories.

For all of those reasons, that is why Zarqawi's death is rated a 10 in terms of importance.

The Host's Last Word: As a strategic victory in Iraq, killing Zarqawi is big, but not that big. I'd give it a 5. Zarqawi is not responsible for much of the ongoing terrorist violence in Iraq - the ex-Ba'athist dead enders are. I'd bump this up to a 7 if we could find out that Zarqawi was responsible for terrorist acts such as blowing up the Golden Mosque in Samarra, which led to the type of sectarian violence that Zarwqawi was so desperately trying to foment.

But the real victory with Zarqawi's death took place here, in the United States. I give it a 9. The MSM was forced to do wall-to-wall coverage on this critical political victory for George W. Bush, and this will no doubt bolster much of the lagging support for the war, ensuring that it does not succumb to 'Vietnamization'.

I keep saying this: the 'insurgency' cannot defeat us in Iraq - they can only defeat us here at home.

That's all! Come back next week for the next edition of PUNDIT ROUNDTABLE!

Posted by Ken McCracken · 11 June 2006 02:50 PM


I checked out the Queen of all evil's blog. Very interesting article on beer and prostate cancer!

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at June 12, 2006 07:17 PM