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July 14, 2006


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A Couple Things To Think About

From an interesting piece at California Conservative (possibly the prettiest blog out there!) called Pelosi Brow-Beating Caucus:

The goal, those close to Pelosi say, is to rev up Democrats in advance of the August recess, focusing them on the economic and national security priorities outlined by party leaders throughout this year. Next month’s break will mark the longest sustained period of time that Members will be in their districts before the pre-election recess. The New Direction agenda, however, is separate and distinct from the campaign platform Democrats will later unveil. “We’re going to lay out what we want Members to be talking about back home during the break,” Clyburn said. “I think when we get back in September, we’ll lay out our ’06 agenda.”

I had the privilege of speaking with Speaker Hastert when he headlined a fundraiser for Michele Bachmann during the 4th of July weekend. One of the first things he asked me was “how much of a new direction will they be able to go in with John Dingell, who’s been in the House 52 years chairing a committee, with John Conyers, who’s been there 45 years, chairing the House Judiciary Committee and Charley Rangel, who’se been in the House 36 years, chairing the House Ways and Means Committee”?

Also, CC brings us something that I can scarcely believe is true:

In this segment, Stoddard discusses the dynamics within the US Border Patrol that have led to over 70% of the department now being comprised of Mexicans who hold dual citizenship. He also advises that a majority of these still view their primary allegiances to Mexico—not the USA. These include agents at some of the highest levels within the US Border Patrol. Stoddard also speaks about Mexican US Border Patrol agents who regularly engage in both drug smuggling and human trafficking. When caught, they flee back to Mexico.
That is pretty shocking in my estimation, but could explain a lot about our border security problems.

Posted by Ken McCracken · 14 July 2006 11:29 AM