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Ignorance Is The Real Enemy

For those who think diplomacy is the solution to the War on Terror, I ask you: how can you have diplomacy with this?


The man is chewing the UN flag after breaking into the UN headquarters in Beirut out of hatred because Israel bombed the town of Qana in southern Lebanon. In what reality or alternate universe could that possibly make sense? Kofi Annan has called an emergency meeting of the Security Council in response to the Qana bombing, and has denounced the bombing in the most strenuous way.

And that, somehow, makes the UN an enemy of the Lebanese people?

Hitler was a carpet-eater. According to William L. Shirer in Rise and Fall of the Third Reich "Hitler had been in such a maniacal mood over the Czechs the last few days that on more than one occasion he had lost control of himself completely, hurling himself to the floor and chewing the edge of the carpet. Hence the term 'carpet eater.'" There is actually some speculation that Hitler feigned this behavior to instill a fear of his 'madness' in his enemies.

Now we have the flag-eater - the perfect illustration of the ignorance and irrational emotionalism that creates Islamofascism. The man chewing the flag is in such a froth, he doesn't even know who his friends are. Due to his upbringing, his brain cannot comprehend the bewildering array of forces and influences that operate in the world, so he seizes upon a symbol, any symbol, of the foreign world to attack. It is a simple equation: if it is not familiar, it must be the enemy. Only in this wilderness of ignorance can the UN become part of the obvious worldwide zionist conspiracy worthy of his spittle.

Be encouraged by this, not disheartened. Such people are incapable of defeating wealthy, technologically-advanced societies using free markets and the rule of law to bring progress. Ignorance, even the most malevolent ignorance, is no match for reason. Like the barbarians at the gates, they can make inroads on the empire, and inflict defeats on occasion. But the fate of the Islamofascists is the fate of all ignorant hordes: which is to pass meekly into history while a more informed, effective and humane liberty marches by.

Ignorance is what created and what drives the worldwide Islamofascist movement. It is a creeping stupidity that works by filling all the tabula rasa not yet occupied with a more worthy weltanschauung. A more complete knowledge of others' ways and lives, and a marketplace of competing ideas effectively defeats Islamofascism, just as it defeated the stifling regress of totalitarian communism. Humanity is much more of a bottom-up than top-down operation, which is why the life of any totalitarian regime is limited.

This is not advocacy for inaction. Though the natural weight of liberty will prevail eventually, why wait?

Posted by Ken McCracken · 30 July 2006 08:40 PM


First he is going to Iowa, then Arizona, then California, then Michigan, then the White House.... YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!

Put some f*ing Haldol or Thorazine in the water supply over there. Damned. Psychosis. And drop some in the water served at the DNC next time.

Posted by: Justin B at July 30, 2006 09:26 PM

If someone more computer savvy than me could create a link to todays (July 31)Christian Science Monitor, there is a telling picture about the next generation of ME flag eaters in the caption for the Iran's growing clout story...and that's in Pakistan our supposed "ally" in the war on terror. Also a short idiot's guide to creating links would not be unappreciated.

Posted by: dex at July 31, 2006 07:19 AM

Hmm . . . I should look into a link-maker for the convenience of our wonderful commenters.

I bet Rob Port knows about these things.

Posted by: Ken McCracken at July 31, 2006 07:39 AM

israel has jails full of muslims women and children. tha'ts far worse than chewing on a flag. I thought righties hated the UN? you should be asking this guy for a bite.

Posted by: lester at July 31, 2006 12:33 PM


The United States has jails full of African Americans as well as Muslims. Are we as bad as Israel?

Oh, yeah, Saddam had jails full of Muslims too.

What was your point, or was their one?

Posted by: Justin B at July 31, 2006 06:28 PM

Justin he has a point. It is called being an apologist for islamonazism. That is the same arguement, verbatim, proposed by an organization that encourages kids to strap bombs to their chests to blow up israeli woman and children. That launches rockets into a soverign country over recognized borders without a care or worry where they land, in a school, church, temple, no matter, they just want maximum civilian casualties. Only difference is, the terorists in Israeli jails got a trial. The poor innocents on the bus or in the cafe didn't. They were guilty just for being jews or israelies. Not to mention the thousands of rocket attacks from Hamas and Hizbollah for the last few years. Or the 24 cross border crossing raids by Hizbollah over UN recognized borders in the last 2 years.

Posted by: christian at August 1, 2006 09:59 PM

Sorry ken,

Regarding, " Ignorance, even the most malevolent ignorance, is no match for reason. Like the barbarians at the gates, they can make inroads on the empire, and inflict defeats on occasion. But the fate of the Islamofascists is the fate of all ignorant hordes: which is to pass meekly into history while a more informed, effective and humane liberty marches by."

Tell that to the ancient Romans.

You are correct that the 'barbarians' didn't defeat the empire. It was the empire's internal contradictions that led to it's downfall.

It is not Al Quada who is the greatest danger to us.

It is the Lesters' of the world, approximately 40% of the American public, who believe that diplomacy and negotiations are even possible with terrorists.

And whose moral cowardice leads them to promulgate that 'diplomacy and negotiation' are effective methods for dealing with fanatic Islamist nations like Iran.

Posted by: d_Brit at August 3, 2006 04:59 PM


Well said. The West is developing an internal sense of self loathing, as if to say, we deserve terrorism because our governments are so evil and capitalism is so evil. We impose this sense of what the terrorists objective is based on our own self loathing, when in reality they are not sophisticated enough to begin to worry about the environment, globalization, Kyoto, the WTO, the World Bank, and spotted owls.

Imagine Woody Allen's comedy about Jewish self deprecating humor in a Nazi concentration camp. If you think, you know, we kinda deserve this for being Jews as they load you into the showers, then you can rationalize what F*ed up bastards the Nazis were.

We don't deserve terrorism. They have no negotiating platform. They deserve no seat at the table. Give Hamas and Palestine and Arafat and Osama seats on the UN Security Counsel next. Makes sense.

Posted by: Justin B. at August 4, 2006 03:38 AM