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July 25, 2007 4:32 PM

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May 28, 2008 11:12 PM

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June 9, 2008 12:25 PM



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Social Security Reform Thursday.
March 13, 2008

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Mar. 14, 2006

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Apr. 4, 2008

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A WILLisms.com(ic), by Ken McCracken
July 14, 2006


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Quote Of The Day

I think the Republican Party has few allies more effective than the Daily Kos.
- Newt Gingrich (h/t Wizbang).

Update: Is Kos really a Rovian operation???? Some think the proof is piling up:

one must consider all of the rumors going around that The Daily Kos blog is a Bush-CIA-RNC Nixonian construct designed to discredit the Democratic Party. Since all of the Rovian hallmarks are there, I suspect that it is likely, but I can't prove it.

Just think about it: you set up a couple of websites to get a million angry amateurs and mentally unstable kooks (many of them probably CIA junior staff guys and RNC junior staff folks having great fun posting and cheerleading, plus thousands of Christian right-wing extremist volunteers) to dig into the core of your opposition, and weaken it from within. What could be more Rovian? More devilishly ingenious and convoluted? And to hire a haute-nurdy ex-Army guy for cover... too clever to be an accident. Don't ya think?

Posted by Ken McCracken · 11 July 2006 12:32 AM


It's tempting to come up with some snide remark about the Kos folks, but the popularity of the site worries me. Can they all have that little logic and education? Perhaps we should look a lot more closely into what has happened to our public schools. As one who has taught at the undergrad and graduate level in the sciences, the change in thinking ability of the new folks is quite noticable. Yup, the true talent is still there, but the cream is thin in the cream of the crop.

Posted by: Da Coyote at July 11, 2006 11:22 AM

I am not sure what the size of Kos really means.

I have a feeling that every single disaffected leftist has a diary there. It might seem much 'larger' than it really is.

Posted by: Ken McCracken at July 11, 2006 12:52 PM

it's not half as large as freerepublic from what i understand.

it's big of newt to come out fighting for the party that unceremoniously kicked him out in 99. that was funny

Posted by: lester at July 11, 2006 12:56 PM

I agree w/ Ken. The size is probably deceiving. How much is repeat traffic? How many are unable to vote or donate due to age and location? And speaking of location, how many are European/Aussie/Anywhere else and just enjoy the anti-American flavor?

Posted by: Hoodlumman at July 11, 2006 02:20 PM

Hey Lester!
Joe Liberman called, he said he doesn't get it. Explain to him how newt is still a republican after being supposedly being "kicked out" of the republican party and Liberman, former VP candidate nominated by the democratic party, is now an independent.
Watching dems devour their own for having conviction and standing by what they believe is truely hysterical. twisted and demented, but funny from a GOP perspective.

Posted by: christian at July 11, 2006 05:15 PM

christian- we're against lieberman because you're for him. the republican legistlature, president and vice president combined are about as popular as Clinton was. that's what happens when you take reaganism out of republicanism. your basically left with nixon style machievellian skullduggery. liebermans far right views on the quagmire are a huge embarassment and are unconscionable. neo conservatism is dead. lieberman can sink with that ship if he wishes, but he'll do it without us.

Posted by: lester at July 11, 2006 06:25 PM

Lester is an Islamist troll who is famous for spouting his agitprop on various blogs and running when the cluebats come out.

Do not feed the troll, it only encourages him.

Posted by: Nahanni at July 12, 2006 03:49 AM

nahanni- i'm famous!

I love the conspiracy theory in the update. it reminds me of the afformentioned "islamists" who can't believe it when one of their own screws up royally. "rovian" karl rove is a campaign guy. He's a genius but he's not behind every nook and cranny

Posted by: lester at July 12, 2006 02:20 PM

LOL Lester!
I am not for Joe I am for watching you guys fall apart which your doing a wonderful job of. And A Quagmire? Your refering to the democratic party right? At least Iraqies can get elected. LOL

Posted by: christian at July 13, 2006 09:13 AM

BTW, Lester. Didn't hillary vote for the war? Kerry? Edwards? Kennedy? And the rest of your quagmire evangelists? Funny thing is,the only guy to stand by his vote you call a republican. Thanks! I'll take that level of commitment and raise you a "I was tricked by Bush!, even when he was governor of Texas he made me believe Iraq was a threat!"

Posted by: christian at July 13, 2006 09:17 AM

christian- I'm not a supporter of any of those people. actually. i'm more of a libertarian really.

Posted by: lester at July 13, 2006 11:47 AM

Thanks for the link to our little satire. We aim to please!
Often I think that the internets are one big Petri dish for paranoia.

Posted by: bird dog at July 13, 2006 07:44 PM

Are you a boortz libertarian?

Posted by: christian at July 14, 2006 06:55 AM

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