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Saudi Sheik Issues Fatwa Against Hezbollah

As evidence that Hezbollah has no support from anyone outside of Iran and Syria, check this out:
CAIRO, Egypt - One of Saudi Arabia's leading Wahhabi sheiks, Abdullah bin Jabreen has issued a strongly worded religious edict, or fatwa, declaring it unlawful to support, join or pray for Hezbollah, the Shiite militias lobbing missiles into northern Israel. The day after Hezbollah abducted two Israeli soldiers on July 12, Sheik Hamid al-Ali issued an informal statement titled "The Sharia position on what is going on." In it, the Kuwaiti based cleric condemned the imperial ambitions of Iran regarding Hezbollah's cross border raid.

This is unprecedented. Even the Wahabis give Israel a green light again Hezbollah, and seem to understand the danger of Iran's 'imperial ambitions'. Iran has made a huge geopolitical and military blunder by ordering its proxies to attack Israel, and has reminded the Arab world that there is an enemy they loathe even more than the United States.

Well done, Iran.

Posted by Ken McCracken · 20 July 2006 06:38 PM


A little good news in an otherwise dismal part of the world. It is hard to know who to root against more, the Iranian shiites or the Wahabi sunnis.

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at July 20, 2006 09:21 PM

To paraphrase Henry Kissinger: too bad they can't both lose.

Posted by: Ken McCracken at July 20, 2006 10:30 PM

I for one doubt that the Wahabi's hate Iran more than the US. While there is no love lost between the Sunni's and Shiite's, it just doesn't suit the Sunni nations timetable, nor is it their strategy to seek direct confrontation with the US.

Iran is ruled by the mullah's. Saudi Arabia's Whabbi's do not directly control the government.

The Iranian mullah's have always been 'true believers' and pure hate is a severe impediment to clear thinking.

From the Sunni nations perspective, premature Iranian actions precipitating the US entering into a war with Iran and even broadening into a regional conflict is the very last thing Sunni nations want.

This is not about Whabbi's loathing Iran over the US.

Posted by: d_Brit at July 20, 2006 10:53 PM

"Saudi Arabia's Whabbi's do not directly control the government."

I believe the United States has a hand in this one- it's not like they're the only nation that will gladly do a proxy war in the Middle East for the already stretched US military.

Posted by: sethstorm at July 21, 2006 03:04 AM

oh please. the saudis are wahabis. They are in on this bogus coalition for two reasons

1. they hate shias (see iraq)
2. they get billions from the US, same with Jordan and egypt.

Your basically talking abou extending the shia-sunni civil war in Iraq to the entire region. Yeah , i'm sure they'll be very careful not to hurt israel.

Posted by: lester at July 21, 2006 12:33 PM

Posted by: lester at July 21, 2006 12:33 PM

Other than revenue from wildly inflated oil prices, Saudi Arabia doesn't get ANY $ from the US.

Just recently, a $25,000.00, (yes, $25 thousand dollars) grant was dropped in a foreign aid bill in Congress. Reportedly, Senators stood up and cheered. So THAT cannot be a factor.

Neither the Sunni's NOR the Shiite's want a regional 'Iraq' style conflict.

But thank you for your informed commentary.

Posted by: d_Brit at July 21, 2006 02:44 PM

but the whole point of this article is that the we are pitting sunni against shia. Your right about the saudis, but we do give billions to egypt and jordan mainly for the purpose of them agreeing to recognize israel.

You actually think the saudis are putting out this bogus fatwa because they are concerned about Israel and against dictatorships?

Posted by: lester at July 21, 2006 04:32 PM

[Do]" You actually think the saudis are putting out this bogus fatwa because they are concerned about Israel and against dictatorships?"lester

No, I do not. They are dictatorships. The Saudi's want the Israeli's dead just as much as the Iranians. The 'fatwa' is an attempt to 'rein in' the Iranians by putting up a minor 'roadblock' to the Iranians pursuit of Alpha-male status in Islam.

Yes, Egypt and Jordan do get $$$ but your statement was about the Saudi's and you were using that claim to buttress your assertions.

The fatwa is NOT about Saudi 'hate' for the Iranians. It's about maintaining the balance of power.

Posted by: d_Brit at July 21, 2006 06:09 PM