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Sy Hersh Runs Interference For The Mullahs

Seymour Hersh, in an article entitled 'Last Stand' posted today in The New Yorker, claims that Pentagon sources believe the U.S. cannot destroy Iran's nuclear program:

Inside the Pentagon, senior commanders have increasingly challenged the President’s plans, according to active-duty and retired officers and officials. The generals and admirals have told the Administration that the bombing campaign will probably not succeed in destroying Iran’s nuclear program. They have also warned that an attack could lead to serious economic, political, and military consequences for the United States.

A crucial issue in the military’s dissent, the officers said, is the fact that American and European intelligence agencies have not found specific evidence of clandestine activities or hidden facilities; the war planners are not sure what to hit. “The target array in Iran is huge, but it’s amorphous,” a high-ranking general told me. “The question we face is, When does innocent infrastructure evolve into something nefarious?” The high-ranking general added that the military’s experience in Iraq, where intelligence on weapons of mass destruction was deeply flawed, has affected its approach to Iran. “We built this big monster with Iraq, and there was nothing there. This is son of Iraq,” he said. [emphasis added].

This screed by the great wizard Seymour Hersh, with his magical anonymous sources that for some reason never want to talk to anyone else, is completely contradicted by what we know about the Iranian nuclear program. The Iranians, far from denying that they are enriching uranium, have proudly announced that fact. Inspection teams from the IAEA have had extensive looks at the Iranian nuclear program, and have reported their findings - the Iranian nuclear program is not some phantom that might not actually exist. The IAEA has even reported finding trace amounts of highly enriched uranium in Iran. This just doesn't happen on its own. And the IAEA knows exactly where this enrichment is taking place.

Hersh seems to be trying to forge a new meme here: that no WMDs in Iraq turned up (untrue) and likewise no WMDs will turn up in Iran, so it is folly to contemplate an attack. As enticing a line of logic this is for the anti-war types, the obvious weight of evidence against it coupled with Hersh's lack of credibility will likely prevent even this idea from taking flight.

Posted by Ken McCracken · 3 July 2006 10:23 AM


Sy "MeLie" Hersh danced across mass graves of 5,000 Vietnamese slaughtered at Hue' to dramatize the My Lai massacre of a couple hundred.

My Lai was horrible, and shameful, but it was also the exception that demonstrated our boys' exemplary by it's very rarity.

This is also NOT the first time Hersh has shilled for anti-American butchers.

Posted by: DANEgerus at July 3, 2006 12:11 PM

thank god for sy hersh. I post at a shia website and the people there are besides themselves with anger and frustration at the US's belligerence. All the sanctions and rhetoric do is undermine democracy and make the mullahs stronger. ahmadenejad got elected largely because of Bush's condemnation of the election itself. and he enjoys high popularity because of his "standing up" to the west.

More to the point, if Iran cuts of oil it will bring the world economy to a screeching halt.

Posted by: lester at July 3, 2006 12:55 PM

LOL, Lester gets his info from the mulla's themselves! Not to mention Al Jezzera. But lets look past that and towards the Iranian screaching halt theory. Ummm, geee why does that sound familiar? The Iranians cutting off oil to the west? Gee, maybe because they have already done that! Go see Jimmy Carter for more 411. Also look up price controls and the formation of OPEC. Seriously man, a Shia website that is angry about infidels being in their holy land and this is some revelation? scary.

Posted by: christian at July 3, 2006 04:08 PM

christian- well, it kind of defeats the notion that iranians all hate the mullahs and want the west to invade anyway. I don't get your point about the oil.

Posted by: lester at July 4, 2006 08:23 AM

Lester- Iran has already done what you fear they might. Cut off oil. And guess what the economy didn't come to a screaching halt, even though carter tried to kill it through ignorance, even he didn't kill the economy. The economy is too dynamic and powerful, not to mention middleeast oil to the u.s. is not the bulk of our oil, it is a fraction, you need to do some research. Secondly Lester, to go to an Arab website and come away with "arabs are really angered" and unveiling that to us, is the definition of pointless. We kind of got the hint on 9/11.

Posted by: christian at July 4, 2006 08:38 AM