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It's the Tax Cuts Stupid

The mid-term elections in 2006 will answer one fundamental question--Are the American people so upset about Iraq that they forget about the Economy? Will 4-5% GDP Growth, Massive Deficit Reductions, Sustained Job Growth, and Rising Wages and Productivity be thrown out the window over Iraq. Ultimately, a better question is--Are you willing to repeal the tax cuts and stagnate the economy in order to implement a cut and run strategy in Iraq.

Clearly, Americans feel safe right now. The stock market was essentially unmoved by the terror news from London. Terror arrests don't mean much. Terror attacks do. Egyptian students who overstay their visas--meaningless. London plot to blow up jetliners--meaningless. Detroit men buying thousands of cell phones--don't care, too busy worrying about Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. Economy humming along, so what?

As if catching terrorists, passing the Patriot Act, the tax cuts, economic growth, etc., mean absolutely nothing to the average American, but the wellbeing of 135,000 VOLUNTEER MILITARY MEMBERS who continuously vote overwhelmingly Republican and who are enlisting and re-enlisting at numbers far exceeding goals and expectations is the only issue that matters. Just ask Ned Lamont. Throw out well respected politicians and throw away things like tax cuts, the Patriot Act, and protecting the nation with programs like SWIFT so that we can cut and run.

It is important that the folks realize that this election is about more than Iraq. Sure, the war is polarizing and many just want it to be over. At the end of the day, the folks advocating cut and run are the same that advocate tax and spend and that advocate things like Universal Healthcare, higher Estate Taxes, higher Dividend Taxes, and ignoring Social Security.

Consistently, the Democrats go to the bait and switch tactic.

Q. "Chairman Dean, today's economic numbers exceeded expecations for the umpteenth consecutive quarter. Does this indicate President Bush's taxcuts are working?"
A. "Ask that of the Soldier's wife whose husband just died in Iraq. Ask her how the tax cuts are going to help send her orphaned children to college and pay for the rising tuition costs."
Q. "Senator Reid, Social Security is a looming crisis and your party has said repeatedly that privatization is not the answer. How do the Democrats in the Senate propose to save Social Security for today's workers?"
A. "President Bush has spent $200B on the War in Iraq. We propose to end this spending and use the money at home for programs to save social security, feed the hungry, provide caregivers to pet puppies and kittens, and cure the bird flu."
Q. "It has been 5 years since 9-11. What has changed that has helped keep America free from terror attacks since 2001."
A. "America may not have had a terror attack, but Spain and Great Britain had major attacks on Madrid and London. And Al Qaeda has said repeatedly that their reason for attacking these nations is their participation in the War in Iraq. Clearly the world is not any safer now based on terror attacks across the globe as well as in Iraq. We need new leadership to ensure that the entire world is safer."

Q. Is the sky blue?
A. War in Iraq.
Q. What year did Columbus sail the ocean blue?
A. Iraq.

Same old routine and same old tired media failing to report the economic, jobs, and domestic War on Terror issues facing us. Over and over are stories from Iraq. While it would be nice to be at peace and live in September 10th perpetually, we don't anymore. And while the Dems promise to get us out of Iraq, they were handed their collective political asses in 1994 for a reason. Economic policies do matter. Higher Taxes and Government Red Tape as well as national security (besides the Iraq War) matter.

What remains to be seen is whether Americans are so angry over Iraq that they not only return to September 10th, but to October 1994.

Posted by Justin B. · 14 August 2006 03:18 PM


Several times in the past few weeks, I've wanted to post from my blackberry a simple post. Maybe I'll still do it if I can figure out how.

Something like, "NEWSFLASH! Still No Draft."

And then do a "xxxx days running and we still have an all volunteer military. Stay tuned for the latest on this breaking story."

Posted by: Will Franklin at August 14, 2006 10:32 PM

The (D)emocrats are perpetually outraged that the (R)epublicans seem unable to overcome (D)emocrat obstruction of the programs we need to protect this country.

The (D)emocrats are also equally outraged that the economic policies of the (R)epublicans... work.

Posted by: DANEgerus at August 15, 2006 12:18 PM