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The Woes of Being a Moderate Democrat

It seems that the best chances the Republicans have of remaining in power and expanding the Majority are to take back Congressional and Senate Seats in the Red States that have "moderate" Democrats in office. Most Red State Democrats are scared to get too far out on the moonbat fringe with the Pelosis since they still have to win elections at home. So, for Republicans, places like Montana with Baucus or Nebraska with Nelson or even North Dakota are good targets,despite the fact that they are not particullarly competitive in the races due to the porkbarrell power of incumbency. What we saw with Daschle was indicative of winnable battles for Republicans. Far more difficult is beating Blue State Democrats out of office.

So we have two things going on. First, Republicans by nature are targetting Moderate Democrats in Red States as these are our easiest victories. Second, moveon.org and others are targeting Lieberman and other moderate Democrats in Blue States in the primaries.

It is a bad time to be a Democratic Moderate. Think about it for a second. Support the troops and the War and Moveon is gonna get you. Fail to support the troops and the war, and you lose all Red State appeal. Finally, even if you support the WOT as a Democratic moderate, the direction your party is moving and the national impression of the cut and run strategy is so severe that it casts doubt even on the strongest Democratic military backers.

Conversely, I think it is a fairly good time to be a Republican Moderate. First, Republicans continue to cut taxes. Republican Moderates vote for tax cuts. Republican Moderates that question "STRATEGY" and "EFFECTIVENESS" of the War in Iraq can question the handling of the war and distance themselves from the Administration, yet still ultimately support the War. They are not being picked off by Extreme Right Wing Republicans in primary elections for questioning the direction the war is heading. Republican Moderates often tend to be Fiscal Conservatives, but Social Moderates, supporting Stem Cell Research, Abortion, and maybe not taking a hard line stance on Gay Marriage, etc. The Religious Right is not targetting these folks in Primaries.

This bodes well for the Republican Party in 2008. The Presidential Primary will have a dozen candidates encompassing the entire spectrum of Republican beliefs. RINO's like McCain. Moderates like Rudy. Conservatives like Frist and Allen. A diverse group of ideas and candidates. On the Democratic Side, there will be plenty of voices, but no diversity. They will be screaming and screeching in unison things like Bush Lied Kids Died and No Blood For Oil. Lieberman is gone from the Party like a moderate cancer and when the purge finishes, the face of the party will further alienate Red State Voters and may result in folks like Baucus and Conrad and Nelson having a tough time choosing between siding with the party nationally or losing elections at home.

Posted by Justin B. · 13 August 2006 02:02 AM


what about schwartz? he's a moderate republican incumbant and he just got voted out. for the crime of wanting to balance the budget instead of giving more breaks to the top 2%.

democrats lost big with perceived moserates in gore and kerry. Might as well try the honest approach

Posted by: lester at August 13, 2006 09:30 AM

Gore and Kerry were talked up in the media as 'moderates', but I don't think anyone who was really paying attention saw them as such.

Good analysis Justin - I hope the squeeze that the radical Dems put on the rest of the party keeps them out of power for generations to come.

Posted by: Ken McCracken at August 13, 2006 09:59 AM

12 years and counting of control of the House and for the most part control of the Senate.

I am a firm believer that the rising tide lifts all ships and today's economy is booming, despite the fact that many Americans don't know it or deny it. Deficit is down. Revenue growth is outpacing spending growth. As a percentage of GDP, the deficit is a phenomenol 2% and GDP is growing at 4-5%.

This is a testament to the Republican Party being able to put forth candidates that have a unified vision on taxes and growth. The Republicans are wishy washy on Social Security, cutting spending, and balancing the budget and these things need addressed.

But again, the real question is who do you trust to do that? The radical left wing Democrats deny that there is even a problem. Centrist Democrats are being pushed aside. That leaves only one party capable of handling any of these issues. And what can the Far Left Dems offer? Cut and Run and Socialized Medicine. Basically, turning us into France.

Trust me, I don't like all the decisions the Republicans are making, but geez, the economy is humming and jobs continue to grow. Bad mouth it all you want, the numbers are the numbers. I just don't get how incuments can lose an election when the economy is doing so well. The War in Iraq cannot be such a boondoggle that we are willing to let the Radical Left have the controls of the economy.

Posted by: Justin B at August 13, 2006 09:01 PM