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Plamegate Ship Of Fools

One of President Bush's lucky gifts is that his enemies can always be counted on to overplay their hand. This was nowhere displayed better than Plamegate, the greatest non-scandal of our age. The Democrats invested heavily in this bogus story, and if there is any justice they should pay a price for it. You won't get a mea culpa from anyone on the left though, because in the surreality-based community Karl Rove really did leak the identity of uber-spy Valerie Plame, and somehow got Richard Armitage to fess up to it. The Rove-Leaked story is just too good, just too perfect, to let go.

Here is a very short and far from exhaustive list of those whose credibility is shot:

Lawrence O'Donnell - Old Sound and Fury himself screamed and frothed IT WAS ROVE across the front of the Puffington Post, citing his incredible deep-throat-like sources as his authority. Oops! The indictment was for Scooter (Who?) Libby, not Rove, and now even the case against Libby looks iffy. If O'Donnell were capable of shame or embarassment, he would remove himself from the pundit pool.

Arianna Huffington too should get the Emily Litella award for believing every nonsensical aspect of this story, as well as propping up the ridiculous O'Donnell. Well, at least Emily Litella said 'never mind' which you will never get from the liberals regarding Plamegate.

Larry Johnson - all this guy needs is a red ball nose and pancake makeup and the clown act is complete.

TruthOut - these guys are so drunk on Kool-Aid, they still think there is a sealed indictment against Rove.

New York Times - the flagship of fools. They staked everything on their 'good leaks' theory, and now with the NSA wiretap and SWIFT stories breathing down their necks, they should feel like the gits they are.

Liberal Blogosphere - not that you guys came to the argument with any credibility to begin with. But all your assured pronouncements that this would lead to Bush's impeachment, jailing yadda yadda yadda - if you have any shred of objectivity left in your withered souls you have to admit it all makes you look pretty damn stupid right now. If not, you might enjoy a career as a moderator at Democratic Underground.

So how did these fools arrive on the ship? By believing too much, by wanting too much, and by rejecting reality in favor of a fantasy land where Karl Rove really does get frog-marched out of the White House. There were signs, my dear moonbats, that the whole thing was a sham. Robert Novak told you early on that his source didn't come from the White House - but Novak is a lying right winger, so the opposite of what he says is always true, right? Saint Woodward told you early on that this was not a criminal scandal, but you chose not to listen. What he said didn't fit the template, did it. Bob Woodward was only one of several reporters from the paper that broke Watergate who told you this was not Watergate, and you didn't listen, because the dream must survive. Joe Wilson was a con man, a Pied Piper of the left that played just the tune you wanted to hear. And you followed.

Only one person looks better from all this, and that is President Bush. He was accused of going after a political enemy in a despicable manner, and now we find that the despicable actors are Bush's enemies. Bush said he would make every effort to get to this bottom of this affair, and now we have, just as he said. Bush didn't lose his head over this, commit any kind of coverup (à la Bill Clinton) or barricade himself in the White House, because he knew he had the truth on his side and acted accordingly.

Haven't you liberals learned yet that we live in a new age, and that your lies and slanders no longer go unchecked? Or that your news sources too often have the credibility of a Lebanese photo stringer?

Didn't Rathergate teach you guys anything?

Posted by Ken McCracken · 3 September 2006 06:19 PM


what about all the conservatives who defended the outing as appropriate?

Posted by: lester at September 4, 2006 08:12 AM

Well Valerie Plame wasn't 'outed' because she didn't have a covert status, which is the point the conservatives were trying to make.

Posted by: Ken McCracken at September 4, 2006 10:27 AM

Hearing some many people with BDS reminds me of the psychological term - projection.

Posted by: Poole at September 4, 2006 10:28 AM

We've seen this Liberal Blogsphere mentality before. Hell, we see it damn near everyday and it runs far deeper than the internet. This type of logic is the backbone for all the 9/11 conspiracy theories and most anti-conservative rhetoric.

"Anything to keep Six Degrees of the Republican Party in play" should be the liberal motto.


Posted by: Greensickle at September 4, 2006 08:28 PM