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Trivia Tidbit Of The Day: Part 366 -- Who Serves In The United States Military.

A Portrait Of America-

America's military boasts members from every single state. If you can think of an American ethnic group, religion, educational level, or wealth class, it's probably represented in the American military. The best part of America's military today is that it is an all-volunteer force, nearly unanimously made up of people who believe in America, believe in freedom, and love their country. As President Bush put it yesterday, our troops are plenty smart, and they are plenty brave. For John Kerry to perpetuate the myth-- left over from the Vietnam era-- that the American military is a bunch of dropouts, misfits, and would-be-criminals is just irresponsible and unfortunate.

But then again, John Kerry has been ripping American troops for being little "Jenjis" Khans, war criminals, terrorizers, and so on, for about 35 years now. Thus, Senator Kerry's latest comments, which imply the American troops are uneducated and/or a bunch of failures, just fit his three decade long modus operandi. It's precisely his worldview. Indeed, one wonders if the demographic geography of the United States military is why Kerry so resents our troops.

Some states send a disproportionately high or low number of troops into the military. Based on 2005 data from the Heritage Foundation, red states, generally, produce a high number of troops per capita, whereas blue states mostly produce a low number of troops per capita:


Thus, one might wonder if this red/blue phenomenon is a contributing factor in John Kerry's deep-seated loathing of the men and women in America's armed services. It's those stupid red staters, the ones who voted against him, that disproportionately join the military. So, get an education, or you might end up stupid, Republican, and stuck in Iraq like them.

Apology or not, John Kerry's comments summed up his own true feelings, and the feelings of the old guard hard left, the same ones who would take over all of the committee chairmanships in Congress if Democrats pull off a miracle upset next Tuesday.

It's a chicken and egg scenario, too. Are Republicans generally more supportive of the troops than Democrats, BECAUSE there are more troops from Republican areas, or are there more troops from Republican areas, BECAUSE Republicans are generally more supportive of the troops than Democrats?

Now that he's finally apologized, John Kerry's comments will drift into the ether, but the debate he ignited might have-- ironically-- allowed the Michael Mooreian myth about an "army of the underclass" to be put to bed once and for all. We can hope, at least.


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Posted by Will Franklin · 1 November 2006 04:23 PM


Kerry spoke his truth. He just can't handle his own words!

Posted by: Chief RZ at November 1, 2006 08:04 PM

Interesting statistics.
The other morning as I listened to radio discussion about Senator JFKerry's insult to soldiers,
I saw this months American Legion magazine cover.
What a great co-incidence- it had a quote from
JFKennedy- another Massachusetts Senator:

"This country does not forget God or the soldier, upon both we now depend."- JFK 1962
The context is interesting and timely.

Posted by: Terry_Jim at November 2, 2006 01:12 AM