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July 14, 2006


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Trivia Tidbit Of The Day: Part 369 -- America's Economy = Reason To Vote GOP.

Jobs & Our Economy-

Four-point-four percent unemployment. That's where the United States finds itself on the eve of President Bush's second mid-term election.

That's right, 4.4% (.pdf):


4.4%. With a good trend, clearly.

Anything at or under 5% is generally accepted as "full employment." Historically, 4.4% is the stuff of dreams. Globally, 4.4% is practically unfathomable. There's no political spin in the world that can make 4.4% unemployment out to be anything but darn good.

That 4.4% rate is due to the 2 million new jobs over the past year and 6.8 million since the 2003 tax cuts.

Meanwhile, in heavily protectionist, heavily regulated, heavily unionized, heavily taxed Michigan (.pdf): 7.1% unemployment.

Michigan is the only state not devastated by Katrina (more specifically, the only state not ending in "ississippi") to have a rate of unemployment above seven percent.

But even Michigan benefits from being part of the United States. That is to say, Michigan might have one of the more disappointing state economies in America, but imagine if Michigan weren't American. It could be a lot worse.

Michigan may indeed have the worst economic policies of any state in the Union, but at least they have a tax slashing President in the White House to offset some of their left wing labor union orthodoxy.

Indeed, at least Michigan isn't:

Spain - 9.2%
France - 9.9%
Germany - 11.7%
Belgium - 8.4%
European Union - 9.4%

China - 9.0%
India - 8.9%
Iran - 11.2%

If the people of Michigan are ready to become more like America, and less like Europe, they need to vote for Dick Devos and Mike Bouchard on Tuesday. If the American people want to remain more like America and less like Europe, economically-speaking, they need to vote for Republicans on Tuesday.


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Posted by Will Franklin · 4 November 2006 07:58 PM


I've read some absurd opinion on the sag in the stock market during the last week. Clearly the sluggishness is due to the fears of a commie-dem takeover of Congress. I am not sure the Repubs can maintain control, but for the sake of my portfolio, I sure hope so.

Posted by: b from t at November 4, 2006 08:45 PM

I hope the commie pinko's get smeared. The thought of Pelosi being Speaker makes me sick!

Posted by: zsa zsa at November 4, 2006 09:07 PM

Hi Will,

You conveniently forget to mention that the unemployment rate still isn't as low as when Clinton left office. While Clinton was President, the unemployment rate decreased from 7.3% that he inherited to 3.9% when he handed the reigns over to W. The unemployment rate is close to the same now (a bit higher, actually) as when W took office. Nice selective charting.


That's not to say that I give Clinton all the credit for the unemployment rate improvement, or completely blame Bush. I mean, come on, it's silly to believe that they alone control the U.S. economic machine and can influence it so quickly.

In general, though, I think you do a disservice to the folks that read this, with this "article" and others. There are plenty of good things to say about GOP policies and ideas, and a healthy debate is good. But your style of "reporting" is pure propaganda. Why not give a real, less distorted view of things?

I'm quite sure you realize what you're doing ... which makes me think you're more interested in the politics and power than real policy and improving the country. It's absurd to believe that everything the Republicans do is 100% correct while the Democrats are always wrong, or vice versa.

Posted by: Steve at November 7, 2006 08:52 AM

Typical commie!...Steve obviously knows alot about propaganda.

Posted by: zsa zsa at November 12, 2006 06:15 PM