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Social Security Reform Thursday.
March 13, 2008

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July 14, 2006


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Social Security Reform Thursday: Week Seventy-Three -- America, Slightly Better Than France.


Thursdays are good days for reform, because they fall between Wednesdays and Fridays.

That's why WILLisms.com offers a chart or graph, every Thursday or so, pertinent to Social Security reform.

This week's topic:

In The Long Run, We're All Debt.

An interesting set of numbers, from Standard & Poor's (via Luskin):


What a coincidence that the decline in America's projected bond rating would begin just as Social Security begins paying out more than it takes in.

Hey, but at least we're slightly less awful than France.

On a more positive note, the solution (for Social Security, at least) is pretty straightforward.

Personal accounts.

We don't have to become junk status, if we are smart and reform Social Security before it's too late. Unfortunately, because 100% of Democrats and 15% of Republicans are apparently hoping for some fiscal excitement in the coming decades, we're left to rely on strong economic growth to bail us out of this mess.

I tend to be quite the optimist with regards to the economy, but with the automatic expiration of the Bush tax relief just a few years away, and the socialists currently in charge in Washington, that optimism has faded substantially in recent years.

Can we grow ourselves out of the Social Security crisis? Sure, but not if this sort of nonsense manages to become law, and not if we start hiking personal/corporate income taxes in the middle of a global tax-reduction trend.

We have time, but each day without Social Security reform is a day that the government commits theft of all of that glorious potential compound interest we could be earning.

The clock is still ticking:

Tune into WILLisms.com each Thursday or so for more important graphical data supporting Social Security reform.


Previous Reform Thursday graphics can be seen here:

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-Week Seventy-Two (Social Security's Proportion Of The Federal Budget).

Posted by Will Franklin · 26 July 2007 12:48 PM


Wow! When was the last time we had a Reform Thursday at WILLisms.com? I have been so confused on Thursdays without it...

Posted by: zsa zsa at July 26, 2007 02:43 PM

"commits theft of all of that glorious potential compound interest we could be earning."

It does not take a lot of industrial knowledge, clinical laboratory work, or common sense to take what you have paid into SS and calculate forty years of compound interest on half of your total SS payments(your withholdings and the employer matching.) A simple Excel or 123 spreadsheet only takes a few minutes to set up. Don't bother going to the SS website to see if they have one available.

Even calculating at a modest five percent, if is enough to make you fall out of your walker.

Posted by: Eneils Bailey at July 26, 2007 05:07 PM

Reform Thursdays - good to see it back.

#35 is still one of my top 5 RTs, though...

Posted by: Hoodlumman at July 27, 2007 04:07 PM

Yep! #35 with Howard Dean and the Salami will always have a special place in my heart for reform Thursday. Has anyone seen Howard Dean lately??? The Dems are probably hiding him...

Posted by: zsa zsa at July 30, 2007 08:32 AM

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