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Trivia Tidbit of the Day: Part 810 -- Free Trade Is Green.

Throw Out The Anti-Trade Bums-

The United States has prospered over the past 200+ years. This current administration and Congress comprise one of the most, if not the most, anti-trade governing regimes the United States has ever had.

It's ironic, because in addition to promoting economic growth, free trade is green:


The anti-trade diplomatic fallout has gotten so absurd that the Korean Ambassador has been visiting American cities outside of Washington, D.C. (the Koreans clearly don't think the incumbents in Washington will be there much longer) lobbying for Congressional approval of a free trade agreement between South Korea and the United States that was approved and signed three years ago:

America's lethargic pace toward ratifying a free trade agreement with South Korea is costing this country tens of thousands of jobs and $10 billion to $11 billion in new exports.

Democrats are anti-growth, anti-trade, anti-green, and anti-job. Mercantilist, isolationist economic protectionism is bad for America's economy, and it's bad for foreign relations with our allies.

Weren't Democrats supposed to make everyone around the world love us again? They are only alienating America's allies and would-be free trading partners even further with their anti-trade policies.

Throw out the anti-trade bums. Remember in November.


Previous Trivia Tidbit: America's Debt To Surpass GDP By 2012.

Posted by Will Franklin · 8 June 2010 04:24 PM


I generally love your site, with your hard hitting statistics. When you dive into the trade sphere, you commit the standards sins that most conservatives make though. "Free" trade with nations that have slave labor conditions, do not respect intellectual property, have poor systems of legal recourse when disputes arise, and are trade partners for the good of their national power rather than out of ideology or the desire for cheap goods IS the road to ruin. We are seeing it play out here in the U.S. economy. It is obvious as the midwest de-industrializes, government revenues shrink, cost for certain things skyrockets (medical care, education, military equipment, etc... things that rely on an industrial base to generate wealth to support them).

And now I am seeing this green argument. Of course deindustrialization is green. Where I live near Detroit there are all sorts of green builders now, former factories that are covered with green plants that now produce zero emissions. On the other side of the coin, ask certain regions how "green" free trade is, you will get a graphic going in a different direction.

Free trade is great, as long as everyone plays by the rules, have similar societal cultures and living standards. Free trade generates immense wealth, but sometimes only for people of certain classes.

I've got an idea! How about a chart that plots that charts the yearly trade deficit with China, the average American's salary, real Chinese military as a percentage of their GDP, and U.S. State, Local, the number of manufacturing jobs in America, and government tax revenues on a Federal, State, and local level. Maybe throw in a % of how many research institutions in the U.S. are bought by foreign companies in there as well. Should be an interesting result.

Trading with countries that are in a merchantalistic mode when your ideology prevents you from doing so in turn is national suicide. But don't believe me, or an egg head's charts, just watch it unfold around you...

Posted by: infocyde at June 9, 2010 08:26 AM