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Trivia Tidbit of the Day: Part 911 -- Taxpayer Funding For Planned Parenthood & ACORN.

The ACORNS & Planned Parenthoods Of The World Have No Business Receiving Government Funding-

In April of 2008, not long after the Texas Presidential Prima-Caucus, I wrote:

In a recent GOP precinct meeting on election day last month here in Texas, a woman brought a resolution urging our elected officials to stop doling out public funds (right now, 336 million dollars per year) to Planned Parenthood. Astonishingly, the precinct meeting attendees voted against this measure by a narrow margin. I can understand being socially moderate, but I was amazed that whatever fiscally conservative instincts the group members had didn't kick in and guide their decisions. I didn't even think to speak in favor of it, just assuming it would pass easily.

But it didn't pass. In a room full of Republicans.

For some reason, that moment has stuck with me. It was a startling moment. These wealthy-ish Austin suburban Republicans were so willing to earn their socially moderate cards in the age of Obama that they threw out their fiscal conservative cards in the process. With the Hillary vs. Obama show on television every night, Republicans were not even on the playing field for the battle of ideas. The entire national debate was framed within the confines of the left-wing. And even Republican activists, the type who show up to a precinct caucus meeting, were caught up in it.

What a difference 2 and a half years makes.

I understand the impulse to prove how enlightened and progressive you are in a crowd of folks who own half million dollar+ homes (that's pretty high, for all the non-Texans out there) and drive luxury vehicles and have expensive hobbies. "I'm a Republican, yes, but I'm not one of those Republicans that they talk about on NPR. I'm an enlightened Republican."

Often, I hear from Republican-leaning people around liberal Austin, "Well, I'd be a Republican, but I don't like the social conservatives. They scare me. Republicans should dump them."


Government spending is simply out of control in this country, particularly at the federal level. If we can't cut the symbolic stuff-- the pork barrel projects and funding to groups like Planned Parenthood and ACORN-- we'll never be able to trim spending on the big ticket entitlements.

Let's hope the TEA Party movement gives Republicans more backbone. When it comes to funding for groups like Planned Parenthood and ACORN, it becomes clear why social conservatives and fiscal conservatives have traditionally gotten along so well together.

Let's try not to forget the importance of that social/fiscal conservative alliance again, lest we end up back where we were a couple years ago-- with the greatest expansion of government since perhaps the New Deal. Neither fiscal nor social conservatives can be happy with this:


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Posted by Will Franklin · 17 December 2010 12:22 PM